New Georgia Fireworks Law – Fireworks Sales Now Legal In Georgia

New Georgia Fireworks Law 2015US Fireworks can now ship all fireworks to Georgia!    House Bill 110 legalized the sale of consumer fireworks in Georgia so US Fireworks can now ship all products found on our website to GA.

Governor Nathan Deal signed the bill legalizing the sale of fireworks in Georgia.  The new Georgia Fireworks Law makes all fireworks legal.   The bill was sponsored by Representative Jay Roberts, R-Ocilla.   It looked like it was dead at the end of the legislative session. But Senator Tyler Harper, R-Ocilla, revived the bill and made several changes that satisfied opponents.   The bill was then singed into law.

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Illegal Fireworks Destroyed

20,000 pounds of Illegal fireworks destroyed!   Local police in Midland Texas assisted the ATF and other departments in destroying 20,000 lbs of illegal fireworks.  No word as to the source of the fireworks or as to what type of fireworks they were.  From the video they appear to be mainly 1.3g professional fireworks.  In the NBC News link below at the end of the video you hear the reporters say “they should have saved them for the 4th of July” and “What a waste”  We agree…how about you?

NBS News Fireworks Article

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Incredible video of Drone flying through Fireworks!

Check out this absolutely amazing footage of a quadacopter being flown through fireworks.

I have to admit that the video is more dramatic than I expected.   It’s so beautiful and perfect that I would almost think it was CGI if I did not see the whole video. Enjoy!

In case you are getting the idea to try this yourself, the authorities have already started to issues warnings.  Forbes magazine has a story with the headline “Flying A Drone Through Fireworks May Land You In Prison

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Fireworks Drought Forecast 2014

July 4th, 2014 falls on a Friday!

Why is this significant?  Traditionally, sales “skyrocket”  (pun intended!) when the 4th falls on a Friday, and after the near disastrous selling season of 2012 when much of the country suffered severe drought with many states banning the sales and/or use of fireworks this year so far appears to be all systems GREEN, as in profits.

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Fireworks Explosion in Washington.

Sad news in the fireworks industry today.

Entertainment fireworks in Washington State reportedly had an accident while some of their crews were prepping for an upcoming display, taking one life and injuring two others.  Entertainment fireworks has been in the business for decades with an excellent safety record and some of the most experienced operators in the business today.  In fact, they offered one of the more respected safety training classes in the western U.S. and have successfully fired many high profile displays.  As respected, active members in all facets of the pyrotechnic industry our heart goes out to those involved and we hope this serves as a harsh reminder to the thousands who will be working long days in the coming weeks with pyrotechnics to take ALL safety precautions.

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The Best Fireworks Brand.

There are over 100 “brands” of Fireworks in the world, almost all are produced and exported from China.  China is home to hundreds of fireworks factories, most of them in the Hunan Province and centered around Liuyang City.  The average cycle of a firework from China to your backyard is quite complicated and can take up to 9 months from the time an importer orders it before it arrives on a steel ocean container at their warehouse.  Orders to China must be large, often times 400 cases is the minimum for just one item!  Factories are making around 3,000 individual firework devices that include fountains, reloadable aerial shells, repeating cakes, roman candles, parachutes, sparklers, snap pops and many more popular items.

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How are Fireworks Made – Basic Chemistry

This will be a brief but informative overview of how fireworks are made.  Fireworks are made of chemicals.   When an external stimulus like heat is applied, the chemical bonds of the chemicals are broken and excess energy is released.

When certain chemicals are “excited” their electrons are released as “photons”.   Photons are particles of light.   Photons vibrate at specific frequencies or wavelengths and those wavelengths translate to colors.

Fireworks emitting photon

Common chemicals used in fireworks are as follows:

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Do it yourself consumer mortar rack plans.

Summer, and firework season is right around the corner.  Since we expect the $0.99 cent high quality consumer fiberglass mortars back in stock soon so we thought it would be a good time to post our plans on how to build a rock solid, safe mortar rack for launching re-loadable artillery shells.  While there is no substitute for proper safety distances (We recommend a minimum of 200′ from spectators to fireworks) building a safe, solid rack to launch many shells from is far superior to using the mortars that come with the kits over and over again.

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Best Deals on Fireworks Online!

Check out this weeks specials!  buy glow necklaces online in a 50ct tube for only $5.99

Perfect for birthdays and safety at night for bikers, joggers and tons of other uses!  Get them before they sell out offer ends 4/18/14.

USF-Ad-Template-4-10-14 copy

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Glow Sticks on sale $5.99 50ct pack assorted colors!


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