Do it yourself consumer mortar rack plans.

Summer, and firework season is right around the corner.  Since we expect the $0.99 cent high quality consumer fiberglass mortars back in stock soon so we thought it would be a good time to post our plans on how to build a rock solid, safe mortar rack for launching re-loadable artillery shells.  While there is no substitute for proper safety distances (We recommend a minimum of 200′ from spectators to fireworks) building a safe, solid rack to launch many shells from is far superior to using the mortars that come with the kits over and over again.

This rack is easily made with some simple tools including a circular saw, a drill and hole saw.  Always make sure to select the highest quality lumber and pre-drill all screw holes!  Exterior decking screws are recommended as they have a much higher shear strength as well as superior corrosion resistance to interior drywall screws.  We have reviewed many rack designs and although this one is a little more complicated with the drilled mortar holes than the standard base and rail design it is superior and will outlast individual spacers.  Right click the image below and “save as” so you can print it out and follow the instructions.


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