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Maine jumps on the bandwagon!

Maine is the latest U.S. State to legalize fireworks in a trend that seems to be contagious lately.  The list of states where fireworks are completely illegal is now very few, and dwindling.  While it isn’t yet clear as to exactly what will be allowed in Maine it seems they will model their regulations off of neighboring New Hampshires laws, allowing most approved consumer fireworks with a few exceptions such as rockets.  As soon as we get clarification we will update this post.  More than one retailer has already made public their plans to open several locations in the state bringing in tax revenues currently lost to New Hampshire…congratulations Maine!

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Rhode Island legalizes Fireworks

In June 2011 Rhode Island removed itself from the dwindling list of states that make fireworks illegal.  Shops were adding signs and making last minute purchases to prepare for the coming 4th of July season with banner sales expected this first year.

Here is a list of consumer legal fireworks that are now allowed in Rhode Island, typically known as safe n sane fireworks to the industry, meaning no reloadable artillery shells, cakes, batteries or multi tube aerials.

Ground and Hand-held Sparkling Devices (“Sparklers”)

Cylindrical Fountain Cylindrical tube containing not more than 75 g of
pyrotechnic composition

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Worst Fireworks Explosions and Accidents!

Although its not an accident, this video shows the power of fireworks.  Here a Chinese Company is testing a mass ignition of aerial salutes to determine if they detonate or explode one at a time.   The result of the test shows a spectacular display of power, but they don’t mass detonate.

May 2000 – Enschede, Holland

The worst fireworks accident in modern history took place in Enschede, Holland at a fireworks warehouse.  In May of 2000, a small fire led to two massive explosions,  leaving 23 people dead, including 4 firemen. 947 people were injured and an estimated 2,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, leaving over 1250 people homeless.

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