Hot New Fireworks for 2014 Now Arriving!

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Pull String Fireworks

Pull String Fireworks

Not really fireworks, and not even classified as fireworks these fun little items go by the name, pull string fireworks, pulling tricks, booby traps and several other names they have come to be known by.

Pull String Fireworks often come in packages containing dozens. You may be surprised to learn how these multi-colored, small, cheap and noisy items work. Everyone has seen them in action: Give the string a tug, jump when it pops, then watch an unsuspecting friend jump back a few feet! Pull String Fireworks are packed with a tiny amount of gunpowder. The amounts are so minute that they aren’t even classified as fireworks, which is why they can be sold indiscriminately in grocery stores. More powerful firecrackers, such as M-80s and cherry bombs, are limited by federal law to 50 mg of gunpowder and under. A booby trap has much less than 1 mg of total powder weight.

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New Firecrackers

Hey everyone!  Spring is JUST around the corner and new fireworks for 2014 are arriving every week now.  Jitter Bugs were a hot new item last year and sell like crazy, it’s a pack of loud firecrackers that are actually 1/2 firecrackers and 1/2 jumping jacks, very unique!

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=A1Ttgz25mt4&rel=0 width=640 height=480 auto_thumb=”1″]

New firecrackers and fireworks expected in this year are several BIG breaking 500g and 200g cakes with unique effects and color combinations not available at other stores.  Here are images of some of the new items several of which have already arrived, check the website soon to buy fireworks online before the Memorial Day and 4th of July crowds get the best ones!

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Valentines Day Sparks!

Happy Valentines Day!  We don’t know much about St Valentine, but February 14th actually celebrates his death way back in the middle ages.  Modern day traditions have turned more to chocolates, red roses, images of Cupid and romantic evenings so whoever he was…thanks!USFire-Valentines copy  Hearts are one of the more common pattern shapes we see today in professional firework displays especially popular at wedding and anniversary shows and would certainly be appropriate on Valentines Day.  For consumer legal fireworks there are heart shaped fountains and sparklers available that would make great Valentines Day Gift ideas.  Looking to add some spark to your relationship?  Think fireworks!

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2014 New Fireworks Items Now Arriving!

It’s that time of year, 90% of firework shipments from China will arrive in the next 90 days and we are very excited at some of the new items we have selected!  The quality of legal fireworks gets better every year and 2014 is no exception.   We will carry over 15 new, never seen items this year including new firecrackers, excellent value 500G and 200G cakes as well as some great new novelties like Dirty Doggy…a dog with a black snake coming out of it’s, um, ya…a funny and entertaining piece!

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Seattle WA Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Looking for a Chinese New Year Celebration in Washington State?   Well look no further as the annal Seattle WA gala event sponsored by the Hong Kong Association of Washington Gala welcomes nearly 900 guests to celebrate the Lunar New Year while raising valuable funds for our community. This year, the proceeds benefit Seattle Children’s.

Sheraton Seattle Hotel
1400 6th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

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Arizona retailers looking to expand legal fireworks

Arizona-map-of Arizona could be the next state to expand their list of permissible fireworks.  Laws written in 2011 were left with some loopholes and businesses are working with the state and fire marshals offices to expand on what was mostly safe and sane fireworks  that could be legally sold including fountains, sparklers and smoke type devices commonly referred to as novelties.

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New Years Eve Fireworks

Repost for the second busiest time of year for fireworks.

It’s that time of year, 99% of all firework injuries will happen in the next three weeks so we thought this would be a great time to talk about what you can do to minimize the possibility of injuries and enjoy a safe and happy independence day.  First we want to state that almost ALL injuries involving fireworks, are not CAUSED by fireworks…but rather the MISUSE of fireworks!  Alcohol, lack of supervision, superman syndrome and taking apart and reassembling consumer fireworks into something they were not meant to be are all reported to be involved with a very large percentage of firework related injuries.  Also noted are that over 80% of injuries from misuse are caused by rockets, firecrackers and sparkler type devices.  Very few injuries are caused by aerial type devices tipping and shooting into crowds, but this is one area where improvements in precautions are easily made so in this article we will focus on that.

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New Years Eve Noise Makers

New Years Eve is all about the noise!

USFireNYE copyAnd US Fireworks Superstore has some of the loudest celebration supplies you can get!  Check out the recommendations below from fountains to full blown fireworks.  Click the images below for more details.

M-150 Salute Crackers are the loudest legal firecrackers in the USA!

Mighty Rattler is 200 grams and 19 shots of super loud crackling comets.

A 100 SHot Saturn Missile Batter can be heard from almost 3 miles away!

Hammertime is one of the loudest 16 shot cakes you can buy guaranteed!

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Pyro Porn?

Jesus Christs face on a potato.  A peanut that looks like George Bush.  Stars that resemble famous shapes.  Clouds that look like animals, but phallic fireworks?!  It’s not often that the magic of professional fireworks takes on other forms of artistry in the sky, but this one has gone viral in a hurry!  The display was shot in Glasgow, Scotland recently and amateur video captured the flying phallic, as did some giggling spectators.  Not much else needs said on this one, see the video below!

For the record we have our doubts on this one, as everything else in the display appeared to be fired vertically, creative editing?

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