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What’s in a PRO fireworks shows? Be Like the Pros!

Have you ever wondered how those spectacular fireworks displays are created? 🤔
The fireworks you see at your town July 4th, New Years eve shows, or Disney land spectacles are classified as display fireworks aka 1.3G explosives.
Display fireworks cannot be sold to general consumers.
To purchase, shoot, and store display fireworks, you must have a professional fireworks license. The process of getting said license can take months and requires federal (and sometimes state) involvement.
This doesn’t mean you can never host your own fireworks displays! 
Consumer fireworks, aka 1.4G explosives, are made for the general public.
Anyone over the age of 18 can enjoy the vast array of consumer fireworks options.
However, with so many choices on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to find items that mimic the high quality of display fireworks. 😵‍💫 
We have you covered! Our category: Be Like the Pros, carries top performing products and supplies needed to put on shows like the pros! These items feature top tier effects, highest performance, fan favorites, and often fireworks essentials.
Categories include:
📌500g and 200g cakes
📌Reloadable artillery
📌Single shot aerials
📌Ready to shoot fireworks displays (assortments)
📌Fiberglass mortar tubes
📌Fireworks punk
📌Fireworks fuse & firing systems
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