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Diwali Fan Favorites: Fountains!

Diwali is the festival of lights! It is India’s most widely celebrated Hindu holiday.

The celebration consists of lighting of lights, candles, firecrackers, and diya (clay lamps) to symbolize light triumphs over dark, knowledge prevails over ignorance, and good triumphs over evil. This is accompanied by family visitations and enjoyment of delicious food.

Generally, Diwali is celebrated over five days.

Day 1: People will clean the house, go shopping, and make sweet and savory Indian treats.

Day 2: People will decorate their homes with rangoli (colored patterns made on the floor with flowers, powder, rice or sand), and diyas (clay lamps) are displayed.

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Summer Spark $200 Show!

Add a bang and sparkle to your summer events and celebrations!
We’ve got a variety of fireworks items that will light up your block parties, pool parties, BBQs, and more!

Check out this pre-picked $200 show!

2 Slime Blaster fountain 

1 Killer Bee fountain 

1 Loud Mouth fountain

4 25 shot Saturn Missile

1 Sparta 200g fireworks cake 

1 Ripper Zipper Fan 200g fireworks cake 

1 Monkey Wrench 200g fireworks cake 

1 Beastly 200g fireworks cake 

1 G-Shock 200g fireworks cake 

2 Comet Blast 200g fireworks cake 

1 Black Lightning 500g fireworks cake 

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