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Silky Sweet – 500g Fireworks Cake “silk lace effect”

Silky Sweet is a new 500g cake by Dominator Fireworks featuring a new fireworks effect called the “silk lace effect”.   It is very rare that new effects are developed in fireworks.    So to have this new effect is very exciting!  

What exactly is a “silk lace effect”?    Well, the best way is to just watch the YouTube video below to see what it is!   But i’d say that it sort of looks like crackle, but with no noise and with a red/pink color!

The Silk Lace Effect is a very beautiful effect and truly something new and different.

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Colorclasm – 500g Fireworks Cake 25 shots

Colorclasm is a newly arrived item and sure to be an instant hit. This item features knock your socks off colors.  

Colorclasm - 500g Fireworks cakeWatch the Video!Colorclasm is made by Mad Ox Fireworks. Mad Ox is an exciting brand of fireworks that has taken the fireworks world by storm. This brand features some awesome products have have become instant classics such as the Raging Bull 5 inch Artillery and the massive 6 shot Finale Rack with real professional fiberglass mortar tubes. What an innovative brand to come up with these killer products! Colorclasm will join the ranks of Raging Bulls and become a classic for its super bright and rich fireworks colors!

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