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Bottle Rockets

   One of the first items that comes to mind if you think back to your youth is probably the simple, inexpensive bottle rockets.  Well if some things don’t change in China where these small wonders that take off wish a whoosh and end with a sharp pop are manufactured they may very well become harder and harder to find.

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Mortar Fireworks

Mortar Fireworks is a common search term, also known as reloadable mortar shells, actually the mortar is reloadable not the shell!  This is a sometimes misused term in fireworks so let’s set the story straight.  Shells, are the actual firework.  Mortars, are the tube the shell is loaded into and fired from.  Common, safe firework mortars may be made from cardboard, fiberglass or high density polyethylene (HDPE)  depending on the strength of the shell to be launched.  Cardboard is acceptable for some lower powered shells such as Festival Balls and Black Box artillery, however HDPE or fiberglass is almost always a better choice, and to take safety and your display up even another notch we recommend firing even consumer shells out of mortars in racks.

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World Record Fireworks Launch

Here is a video we found of a possible world record fireworks launch from 2012 using a best selling item here at USFireworks! The video claims this is over 230 of the 500g cake called “Mammoth Strobe” which means that was over 2,300 shots in just a couple minutes! The sound system must have been amazing as those are some of the loudest fireworks we sell! They are made by Dominator Fireworks and are 10 massive shots of huge white strobing peonies, we thought it was cool to see something so big with one of our best selling items.

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The Malta International Fireworks Festival

We love our fireworks here at US Fireworks, but the people of Malta really love fireworks!   Fireworks have two historical traditions.   The Italian tradition and the Oriental Tradition.

Fireworks made in the Oriental Tradition have become the standard commercial style of fireworks because the cost to manufacturer is lower.   Therefore, the Italian style shells are very rare and seldom seen in the USA.

What makes Italian style fireworks unique is that they use cylindrical construction, rather then spherical construction.

A photo of a Maltese style shell being constructed can be seen below:

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