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US Fireworks contest: Caption This winner!

Happy Halloween!
US Fireworks’ 2020 Caption This contest has concluded!
To enter, contestants:
1. Created a caption for the smoking pumpkin picture
2. Liked US Fireworks Facebook page
3. Shared the contest (or tagged 2 friends)
     *inappropriate captions were disqualified
The best caption winner: Saaya S
“I ate too many atomic fireballs!”
won a $50 Amazon gift card!

In addition, we want to give a shout out to all the fantastic entries!

Gigs J.
“Oh that said do NOT eat the fireworks. Uh oh…”
Josephine C.
“Ghosts taste good”
Leigh R.
“A little too much Fireball!”
Leo D.
“Don’t Bogart it dude!”
Shannon R.
“Dry ice really is dry”
Naomi R.
“Ah that food made me feel so good”
Paula J.
“Smoke em if you got em”
Terry H.
“I talked to Mary Jane in the pumpkin patch. Hemp Hemp Hooray!”
Darlene C.
“I never learn my lesson[.] I love marshmallows and I eat them till they come outta my mouth[.] [They’re] so good I’m drooling.. and I constantly have to wipe my mouth”
Tina R.
“Mask breath… it’s a thing!”
Jeff S.
“What October I thought it was 4/20”
Ray S.
“I’ve swallowed so much love”
Wendell Y.
“Too many white Russians!”
Terrence B.
“How high are you? About 2’4″”
Yolanda O.H.
“I’m so smokin happy it’s Halloween!”
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