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New items ordered for 2012

We have placed all of our orders for 2012 and promise some great new items!  Along with all of our returning best sellers we are excited to see some new 500g, 200g and reloadable shells.  Not much has changed as far as legal limits this year, but new manufacturing technologies are producing some of the loudest fireworks we have heard in a long time!  We will update as soon as the new items start arriving from China after the first of the year with images and videos so you can judge for yourself! If all goes well we should start seeing containers arrive late winter and will update the site asap.  One of the things were excited about is some shells we saw one factory is making, instead of hand wrapping the shells they have started using a wrapping machine they have invented which results in more symmetrical, consistent higher quality breaks in the sky.

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Loudest Firecrackers

Items such as M-80’s, M-100’s, M-1,000’s….and everything similarly named is pretty much a gimmick these days as true M-80’s and their quarter stick of dynamite performance were made illegal long ago.  Today the loudest firework items available on the ground are standard firecrackers limited to 50mg of composition, so how does one cracker end up sounding better then another?  We asked this same question while in China and were shown several brands from different factories and the answer is simple….quality.  The best firecrackers are rolled tighter and have better crimped or plugged ends with less air space inside as well as a higher quality fuse for lower failure rates.  We tested over 12 different brands before we settled on the Dominator crackers for their high quality.

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Loudest Legal Fireworks

One of the most commonly asked questions by folks buying fireworks is “what’s the loudest fireworks we can buy?”  We all love the chest pounding salutes with just a flash of white in the sky we see at professional fireworks displays, but the truth is nothing really close to that is legally available in consumer fireworks.  All manufacturers are held to the same powder limits in the biggest single shot items which include 2″ 500g cake shells and 60g 1-3/4″ reloadable shells which is where you will find the loudest audible consumer items such as our Sky Titan shells or many of our 500g cakes such as the Mammoth line.

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