Fireworks Drought Forecast 2014

July 4th, 2014 falls on a Friday!

Why is this significant?  Traditionally, sales “skyrocket”  (pun intended!) when the 4th falls on a Friday, and after the near disastrous selling season of 2012 when much of the country suffered severe drought with many states banning the sales and/or use of fireworks this year so far appears to be all systems GREEN, as in profits.

2014 could be more than just a bounce back year

As seen on the map below 80% of the nation is included in slight or no drought conditions as of June 20th and with sales expected to be up already, about the only thing retailers need to worry about now is…rain.  That’s right, it’s common for many of the tens of thousands of tents and re-salers across the country, even though some of them open as early as June 20th to NOT turn a profit until sometime on July 3rd or 4th, so a large storm system bringing weekend long rains could crush sales.  The good thing is, such systems are commonly regional and would likely affect small areas locally.  Many sellers expect record sales, and early reports from distributors who sell to the tent owners confirm, sales have been better than expected.

Fireworks drought forecast 2014.  The map below looks worse than it really is as a large portion of it are covered by slight and moderate conditions which usually prompt no action from authorities aside from the normal warnings associated with pyrotechnics.






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