Wedding Ideas-Sparklers!

May is almost here and the most popular month for couples to say “I Do”

There will be no more important day in your life than your wedding, are you searching for ideas to make sure it’s unforgettable for everyone? Weddings are thousands of years old so it’s kinda tough to set yours apart from the 100 million before yours.





There are a couple of budget friendly options for adding a spark to your wedding, simple, inexpensive wedding sparklers are legal, mess free and safely used by adults both indoors and out (make sure if indoors they are specified for indoor use, they are low smoke and odor)

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Fireworks & Nascar Season Schedule

NASCAR heats up, Literally….with fireworks!

Gentlemen, start your engines!  No other sport consistently draws over 100,000 fans to it’s events in the USA.  Watch the video below and tell me this isn’t America the free! Can’t make the races live?  That’s OK you can watch from home and then celebrate with your own fireworks after that you had delivered from



Here is the spring/summer schedule leading up to the Indy 500

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Katie Perry Firework

Fireworks in Hollywood!

Katie Perry’s hit song “Firework” is just the latest chart topper to include pyrotechnics in the success of it’s video.  Use of fireworks has seen a huge upswing in Hollywood productions in recent years and has been used by the “Madonna” of 2010 Lady Gaga in her videos as well.


Are you a band, stage or production manager looking for a source for proximate pyrotechnics….we can help!  Send us an email to and let us know what your looking for as these items are not displayed to the public on our website.  Below are some images of the proximate gerbs, fountains, comets and flame effects we carry, proximate pyrotechnics are only sold to highly trained properly licensed individuals

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Las Fallas! March 15-19 2011 Valencia Spain

Put 2011 in the books as maybe the best Las Fallas ever!

During Valencias traditional holiday you will find displayed on every corner across the city giant narnots, paper mache figures over 20′ tall.

Every day at 2pm the city erupts with large firecrackers in a deafening mascleta…some of the loudest firecrackers in the world!

The mascletas have become a competition between neighborhoods to see who can make the best, before ending in the terremoto (meaning earthquake) literally hundreds of mascletas at once!

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Kentucky Fireworks Law! – Pro fireworks law passes

Congratulations on the newly passed Kentucky Fireworks Law!
Kentucky Fireworks LawSenate has passed house bill 333 with a WHOPPING 30-4 vote! Add Kentucky to the list of states one step closer to getting some freedom back! As a side note we have been watching Arizona fireworks since they opened up to safe n sane last December, sales have been “Explosive” and incidents few…other than a few small fires things have gone relatively well.

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How to shoot fireworks displays like the pros

Ok admit it, you spend way too much money on fireworks!

That’s right the very fact your reading this means you have smelt the smoke…there’s no turning back! Let help you learn to shoot a professional style display right in your own backyard with consumer fireworks with this blog series.

Let’s start with a simple introduction, between now and the 4th of July we will post frequent updates from the very basics such as safety, fusing tips, how to set up angles boards and eventually discuss firing highly technical pyromusicals with professional firing systems. Your welcome to follow along and decide what level you are ready for…a great backyard display can be achieved for less than you might think!

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USA leads world in fireworks safety

“Two men Killed by fireworks” “Hundreds Injured by fireworks”
“Massive fireworks fire guts 5 star hotel” “Year of the Rabbit starts with disaster”

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How to photograph and video fireworks

Everybody’s doin it! It used to be you had to hire a professional video guy with a high dollar camera to get decent video of your back yard display, and we see the question posed time and time again “How to video fireworks”
Admittedly Fireworks are one of the more difficult subjects to videotape, but with a few quick tips we can get you posting beautiful videos in no time! First, let’s discuss equipment. The camera we are using is a not a high dollar, professional piece of equipment you would expect to see on a Hollywood movie set, in fact it’s a Panasonic Lumix we paid less than $300.00 for online! These newer, small enough to fit in your pocket cameras are truly amazing and include capabilities such as recording video in high definition at 30 frames per second!

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More states move to legalize fireworks

Good news in the USA!
It’s looking better and better for firework enthusiasts in more states as legislators are pushing bills to legalize fireworks, at least at some level! Fireworks are responsible for some of the fondest memories for many of us from our youth, and today in the United States millions of Americans do not have the freedom to even light a sparkler to celebrate our Nations Birthday, much less fireworks for a wedding, birthday party, graduation or any other celebration…robbing them of some of the memories we take for granted in MOST states.
In the USA New Years eve and Memorial day are second and third behind the 4th of July in holidays celebrated with fireworks, and they are becoming more and more and more popular at weddings, graduations and retirement parties. Organizations like the National Council on Fireworks Safety and the National Fireworks Association are working hard to make sure fireworks are given a fair rap and fighting for re legalization of what once all states were free to enjoy.
Im most recent times Indiana firework lovers were given back full statewide use of aerial fireworks, and business is booming as well as the states tax benefits. Arizona is the most recent to follow the trend, with safe n sane fireworks becoming legal for sale again as of December 1st 2010. I talked to friends in Arizona that said “It was just a good feeling to drive through town and see the tents, it felt like something had been given back to us”
As of this writing, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island are all considering legalization at some level, even if only safe n sane it’s a good start! Even NY has a group working to get a bill on the table. With our low cost firework delivery service we’re certainly rooting for the day when every US citizen has the choice to once again smell the smoke! If your one of the fortunate ones living in one of the many legal states we hope you’ll browse our site and consider a purchase so we can continue to support the organizations fighting for legalization in every state…the way it used to be as depicted in the image below from the Saturday evening post in the 1950’s
Click to Buy Fireworks On-line

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Fireworks For St. Patrick’s Day!

Emerald Green Fireworks Comets!For all you fireworks loving fans, St Patrick’s Day is a great reason to start the fireworks season off early!
US Fireworks has picked out some special fireworks that feature the color Green, just for St. Patrick’s Day!

Check out Emerald Meteor Fireworks which has beautiful glittering green stars in long shooting comets.

Also try Green Bamboo which is great little multi-shot item with lots of green fireworks stars and sparks.

Green Bamboo Fireworks

Green Bamboo Fireworks

Our color smoke balls have green smoke as well as other bright colors.  They are great for day time fun and our smoke balls have no minimum order and can be shipped UPS.

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