Kentucky Fireworks Law! – Pro fireworks law passes

Congratulations on the newly passed Kentucky Fireworks Law!
Kentucky Fireworks LawSenate has passed house bill 333 with a WHOPPING 30-4 vote! Add Kentucky to the list of states one step closer to getting some freedom back! As a side note we have been watching Arizona fireworks since they opened up to safe n sane last December, sales have been “Explosive” and incidents few…other than a few small fires things have gone relatively well.

Popular items that were not available in Kentucky before the new Kentucky Fireworks Law passed include 500 Gram Cakes, Reloadable Artillery Mortars, and Rockets. is convenient for shopping as product is delivered right to your door and most important, prices are much lower then buying at fireworks stores or tents.   Plus, we have the largest selection of product available.   We are truly America’s Fireworks Superstore.

Make your next holiday one to remember, whether it is July 4th, New Years, your birthday, Diwali, or any other holiday, fireworks from will make the day special!

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