Fireworks For St. Patrick’s Day!

Emerald Green Fireworks Comets!For all you fireworks loving fans, St Patrick’s Day is a great reason to start the fireworks season off early!
US Fireworks has picked out some special fireworks that feature the color Green, just for St. Patrick’s Day!

Check out Emerald Meteor Fireworks which has beautiful glittering green stars in long shooting comets.

Also try Green Bamboo which is great little multi-shot item with lots of green fireworks stars and sparks.

Green Bamboo Fireworks

Green Bamboo Fireworks

Our color smoke balls have green smoke as well as other bright colors.  They are great for day time fun and our smoke balls have no minimum order and can be shipped UPS.

Color Smoke Balls

Color Smoke Balls

After your finished celebrating with your own fireworks, why not check out some of the great St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world that have professional fireworks displays, as well as parades, and other fun activities.

St. Louis, MO. St. Patrick’s Day Festivities & Fireworks

Thursday, Mar 17 5:30a
at Westport Plaza (Indoor Pavilion), St Louis, MO

Join Westport Plaza in Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day March 17th!

5:30 – 10am @ Pujols 5- Free Breakfast and WIL Live Remote with the Cornbread Morning Show

9am – 6pm @ Trainwreck Saloon- March Madness Kickoff w/ ESPN Radio and Guinness

4 – 7pm Free Corned Beef Sliders @ Trainwreck Saloon



Fireworks in Ireland & Dublin Goes Green for St. Patrick’s Festival 2011

This year Skyfest is making magic happen in the Viking town of Wexford.

The Wexford Quays provide a stunning setting for the formidable pyrotechnic display where fireworks will create rainbows of colours and amazing effects which will light up the skies over the river Slaney.  Wexford Town Bridge will come alive as hundreds of glittering tailed comets will chase back and forth at high speed creating wave upon wave of colour across the Wexford skyline. The highlight will be a breathtaking pyrotechnic waterfall that will produce a 300m wide curtain of cascading silver fire, the largest of its kind ever seen in Ireland and all in perfect synchrony to a mesmerising soundtrack.

Don’t miss out, you will be entertained, dazzled and uplifted by this spectacular pyrotechnic display.

If you can’t make it to the South-East, join in the celebrations by tuning into RTÉ 1 on Saturday 19th March at 7.30pm followed by a special National Lottery Lotto draw live from the quays in Wexford.

This year Dublin City is going green for St. Patrick’s Festival! To celebrate Ireland’s national holiday, Festival organisers have launched an initiative called ‘Greening the City,’ asking all businesses and venues to turn their lights green to create a city-wide illumination for the duration of the event (16th-20th March).

‘St. Patrick’s Festival is a great opportunity to showcase Dublin city and we want to encourage as many businesses as possible to participate,” says CEO Susan Kirby. “Research conducted last year showed that the Festival provides an estimated return of €50.5 million to the economy, making it one of the most important events of the year for a lot of businesses, so it’s a great time to join together and make a real impact. We’ve had a lot of interest in the initiative already and are looking forward to seeing the city lit up in celebration for the duration of the Festival.” she added.

Navy Pier adds fireworks to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Chicago

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St. Patrick’s Day is being celebrated in Chicago throughout the day on Saturday, March 12, 2011. The traditional dyeing of the Chicago River and the parade will be held during the day. Festivities start at about 10:00, when the Chicago River is transformed into a brilliant shade of emerald green. The St. Patrick’s Day parade, ,which steps off at noon, following the transformation of the river. Navy Pier is hosting the first ever St. Patrick’s Day fireworks on Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m.

The very first St. Patrick’s Day Fireworks display at Navy Pier shares the ‘luck of the Irish’ with all of Chicago. The celebration features traditional Celtic songs and modern Irish artists.

St. Patrick’s Day is officially on March 17, but the City of Chicago traditionally holds the St. Pat’s celebrations on the Saturday before the holiday, so people are able to attend and enjoy the festivities. The City becomes a sea of green, as the Chicago River itself becomes a green ribbon of water through the city. The fireworks at Navy Pier should be a festive way to conclude the day of Irish themed fun in Chicago.

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show, which concludes at the end of the day on Sunday, is also going on this weekend at Navy Pier, so there is more than one reason to visit Navy Pier this weekend.

Navy Pier is located at 600 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago


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