I Phone Apps…send e fireworks to your friends!

Love fireworks? Sitting at your desk dreaming of your next pyro event? Need a quick fix? Swakker has it! Their latest I Phone app lets you design and send messages via Face Book, MMS and email. You can load your own images for a back ground to really personalize it too! Check out the video below of a demonstration we found where else….You Tube.  We’ll try to contact Swakker and see if their interested in a contest with real prizes!  Download the app here Swakker and get ready!

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Virtual Easter Egg Hunt Winner Week Ending 4/16/11

Happy Easter Weekend!

Congratulations to B.B. from Arkansas for winning the free prize package this week!  His prizes will be sent on their way we hope he enjoys them, you could be the next winner this is the last weekend for the contest so go to USFireworks and enter now there’s no purchase neccessary.

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Virtual Egg Hunt winner week ending 4/6

Congratulations to J.R. from Oklahoma on being selected last weeks winner! J.R. Will receive prizes from the image below….and you could too!  No Purchase necessary to win prizes….free fireworks with an order!

Spend some time with the kids and let them sharpen their egg hunting skills indoors, ahead of time, sign up today!


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Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is Sunday, April 24th 2011.

Starting today US Fireworks is hosting a virtual, online Easter egg hunt!

Now through Easter simply search through our online superstore for the hidden Easter Eggs to win prizes!

  • No Purchase necessary to enter.

  • Eggs are hidden on several pages.  There will only be one egg per page.
  • Find at least one egg to enter.
  • Send an e-mail to US Fireworks Easter Egg Hunt
  • Copy and paste the URL of each page you find an egg into the e-mail.
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UFO sighting! Alien Craft on Good Morning America explained!

***Edit*** We Have offered a big news agency to recreate this video / incident. Do you think they are interested in the truth or will they choose to let the fantasy play out? Whether you believe or not, this one actually has an explanation!

Ok, these have been the subject of several news stories in recent years so we thought why not jump in and explain!

As much as we want to believe it’s superior beings watching over us waiting to share their technology, the subjects in the video below…which apparently made Good Morning America….



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Baseball, Apple Pie and Fireworks!

Whats more American than Baseball, Apple Pie and Fireworks!

This week millions of fans will flock to stadiums around the country for opening weekend of MLB – Major League Baseball, who’s your pic to win the World Series this year?

With talk of a possible football strike for the coming season Baseball should expect an up year in participation. Fireworks at baseball stadiums are the staple of some display companies budgets and income all across America. Baseball is a focus in Small Town USA all across America where teams plant their Minor League teams giving the world’s youth the chance to live their dream and make it to the big leagues. Many of these stadiums and teams are unheard of to the masses yet they fuel the backbone of the sport and industry.

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Camp Fire Blue

How to turn your campfires blue and green!

Campfire Blue is a really neat item that in actually non-fireworks and therefore can be shipped overnight mail or regular post. If you are interested in ordering this item, or any sparklers, smoke or snake items, just give us a call at 269-663-6110.

All you need to do is sprinkle the contents of the package onto the campfire or throw a few packs right into the fire, and you will get beautiful green and blue flames for several minutes.

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Senko Hanabi Sparklers

How to Use Senko Hanabi Sparklers
Senko Hanabi Sparklers are something different then your usual sparkler.

These are actually not a traditional wire sparkler that you wave around in the air. In fact, if you don’t hold Senko Hanabi Sparklers very still, they will not work. These sparklers are wildly popular in Japan, but little known in the USA. If you learn how to use them correctly, you will appreciate the beautiful lacy gold sparks that are like no other firework.

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Dogs and Fireworks

Dogs & Fireworks – Top 10 July 4th Tips for Owners
Dogs can be fearful of fireworks and other loud noises but here are some tips to help with their anxiety.

1.) Make a party of it! Ignore any fearful behavior and do not try to comfort your pet. The animal will pick up on your anxiety and this may make the problem worse. Pampering a pet that appears frightened can reward and encourage this behavior. Instead turn it into a party and your pet will follow your lead! However, fireworks are dangerous so never let your dog get too near a lit fireworks. Keep them a safe distance at all times, as with all of your party guests.

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Wedding Ideas-Sparklers!

May is almost here and the most popular month for couples to say “I Do”

There will be no more important day in your life than your wedding, are you searching for ideas to make sure it’s unforgettable for everyone? Weddings are thousands of years old so it’s kinda tough to set yours apart from the 100 million before yours.





There are a couple of budget friendly options for adding a spark to your wedding, simple, inexpensive wedding sparklers are legal, mess free and safely used by adults both indoors and out (make sure if indoors they are specified for indoor use, they are low smoke and odor)

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