Austin Texas 2012 Chinese New Year Celebration

Join the UT Club for a new tradition as we celebrate the

2012 Chinese New Year

The Year of the Dragon

Monday, January 23

6:30pm to 8:30pm


Please make reservations 512-477-5800

Date: Mon, Jan 23, 2012
Time: 6:30pm
Add to your Calendar: Download Now
30.283548, -97.731349 (University of Texas Club, 2108 Robert Dedman Drive, Austin, TX 78712, US)
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Holiday Fireworks Greetings

Seasons Greetings from US Fireworks!  Whatever your needs let us help you celebrate your holiday, your way!  We can supply you with everything from glow sticks and confetti items for indoors occasions, sparklers or fountains for Kwanzaa or big loud 500g cakes and reloadable shells for typical New Years Eve midnight celebrations.  One of the latest trends in party specialties is sky lanterns they are cheap, safe and add a special touch to any occasion. We are offering free shipping on orders over $500.00 as always and free fireworks along the way.  If you have never ordered fireworks online you have reached the premier place to do so!  Due to our large volume buying power and direct from our warehouse shipping we can sell cheap fireworks and offer the highest quality items available from the best factories in China.  Let US Fireworks help you celebrate the season.

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Buying Fireworks Online

Buying fireworks online has become very popular in recent years.  The biggest reason is the savings realized by buyers and the convenience of having them delivered straight to their door any time of the year.  There are many online fireworks sites popping up on the internet but most of them are simply e-commerce web pages where they sell the product, take your money then have the firework shipped out of another companies warehouse somewhere else in the country while everyone gets their cut of the profits.  Doing just a little homework will expose these sites by their higher prices than true online warehouses such as US Fireworks, if you find a competitor offering better prices let us know about it.  If buying from one of the other online fireworks sites it will become apparent through some quick price shopping you are not getting true discount fireworks with many of them.

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New items ordered for 2012

We have placed all of our orders for 2012 and promise some great new items!  Along with all of our returning best sellers we are excited to see some new 500g, 200g and reloadable shells.  Not much has changed as far as legal limits this year, but new manufacturing technologies are producing some of the loudest fireworks we have heard in a long time!  We will update as soon as the new items start arriving from China after the first of the year with images and videos so you can judge for yourself! If all goes well we should start seeing containers arrive late winter and will update the site asap.  One of the things were excited about is some shells we saw one factory is making, instead of hand wrapping the shells they have started using a wrapping machine they have invented which results in more symmetrical, consistent higher quality breaks in the sky.

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Loudest Firecrackers

Items such as M-80’s, M-100’s, M-1,000’s….and everything similarly named is pretty much a gimmick these days as true M-80’s and their quarter stick of dynamite performance were made illegal long ago.  Today the loudest firework items available on the ground are standard firecrackers limited to 50mg of composition, so how does one cracker end up sounding better then another?  We asked this same question while in China and were shown several brands from different factories and the answer is simple….quality.  The best firecrackers are rolled tighter and have better crimped or plugged ends with less air space inside as well as a higher quality fuse for lower failure rates.  We tested over 12 different brands before we settled on the Dominator crackers for their high quality.

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Loudest Legal Fireworks

One of the most commonly asked questions by folks buying fireworks is “what’s the loudest fireworks we can buy?”  We all love the chest pounding salutes with just a flash of white in the sky we see at professional fireworks displays, but the truth is nothing really close to that is legally available in consumer fireworks.  All manufacturers are held to the same powder limits in the biggest single shot items which include 2″ 500g cake shells and 60g 1-3/4″ reloadable shells which is where you will find the loudest audible consumer items such as our Sky Titan shells or many of our 500g cakes such as the Mammoth line.

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Halloween Decorating Ideas: Pyrotechnic Pumpkins!

Halloween is just weeks away, have you figured out that one thing that will make your yard or porch over the top “spooktacular” yet?  Candles are boring…

How about some pyrotechnic pumpkins!  This guy used toothpicks to support a pie tin with a rag soaked in lighter fluid to get a long lasting flaming pumpkin.


Here is a creative way to use strobe pots… inside a pumpkin to draw eyes from blocks away!


How about sparklers in your pumpkin to set it apart!


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Diwali in the desert

Diwali 2011 will be celebrated Wednesday, October 26th.  Diwali, also known as the “Festival of Lights” is one of the largest Indian holidays on the calendar celebrated in Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism.

Diwali is an official holiday celebrated in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritus, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji.

The festival celebrates freedom and Diwali fireworks have become increasingly popular during the multi day celebration.  We think it’s only fitting for a holiday termed the “Festival of Lights” don’t you!  Happy Diwali!

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Maine jumps on the bandwagon!

Maine is the latest U.S. State to legalize fireworks in a trend that seems to be contagious lately.  The list of states where fireworks are completely illegal is now very few, and dwindling.  While it isn’t yet clear as to exactly what will be allowed in Maine it seems they will model their regulations off of neighboring New Hampshires laws, allowing most approved consumer fireworks with a few exceptions such as rockets.  As soon as we get clarification we will update this post.  More than one retailer has already made public their plans to open several locations in the state bringing in tax revenues currently lost to New Hampshire…congratulations Maine!

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Rhode Island legalizes Fireworks

In June 2011 Rhode Island removed itself from the dwindling list of states that make fireworks illegal.  Shops were adding signs and making last minute purchases to prepare for the coming 4th of July season with banner sales expected this first year.

Here is a list of consumer legal fireworks that are now allowed in Rhode Island, typically known as safe n sane fireworks to the industry, meaning no reloadable artillery shells, cakes, batteries or multi tube aerials.

Ground and Hand-held Sparkling Devices (“Sparklers”)

Cylindrical Fountain Cylindrical tube containing not more than 75 g of
pyrotechnic composition

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