Worst Fireworks Explosions and Accidents!

Although its not an accident, this video shows the power of fireworks.  Here a Chinese Company is testing a mass ignition of aerial salutes to determine if they detonate or explode one at a time.   The result of the test shows a spectacular display of power, but they don’t mass detonate.

May 2000 – Enschede, Holland

The worst fireworks accident in modern history took place in Enschede, Holland at a fireworks warehouse.  In May of 2000, a small fire led to two massive explosions,  leaving 23 people dead, including 4 firemen. 947 people were injured and an estimated 2,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, leaving over 1250 people homeless.

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1749 George II’s display


FIRE-WORKES and ILLUMINATIONS on the River Thames Monday 15 May 1749

This is the famous fireworks display that George Frideric Handel composed his “Music for the Royal Fireworks”.

The firework display was for the benefit of King George II of Great Britain to celebrate the signing of the treaty at Aix la Chapelle in 1748 marking the end of the War of Austrian Succession. Unfortunately, during the display, one of the fireworks landed on the pavilion of the Temple of Peace, igniting the several thousand fireworks inside and killing three spectators.

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Orbers before June 23rd guaranteed delivery before July 4th

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Fireworks For Sale!

Fireworks For Sale!  Buy One Get One Free!

Tis the season, as we head into these last couple weeks of June thousands of seasonal firework tents will be waving their flags, signs and banners trying to convince you theirs is the best.  Some of the advertisements can be quite comical and I have seen intersections in parts of the Midwest where as many as 6 tents can be seen from one location.

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Fireworks ban due to a disaster declaration!!

We want to hear your opinion!!!   Is the fireworks ban an over-reaction or the right thing to do?

Fireworks vendors only get to sell for a few weeks each year, will these bans put them out of business forever?

Should fireworks vendors be compensated by the county for loss of their livelihood?

We want to hear from you!!  PLEASE COMMENT!



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First Fireworks in Salina in 46 years!!

SALINA, Kan. – Salina residents are able to buy fireworks within city limits for the first time in 46 years, but they might have trouble finding them for the Fourth of July holiday because so few vendors have sought permits to sell the explosive pyrotechnic devices. The city has issued only six permits to people wanting to sell fireworks, The Salina Journal reported Friday. The city voted earlier this year to allow the selling of fireworks within city limits from June 27 to July 4. Operators say the city’s zoning regulations and store owners who don’t want the stands on their properties have contributed to the small number of sellers. “The number is lower than I expected,” said Ed Winebrenner, operator of Crazy Ed’s Fireworks. “I had expected 10 to 12 to set up.” The city requires fireworks tents to be on properties zoned for shopping centers or larger commercial sites, be 300 feet from residential housing and have enough parking. The zoning laws were designed to allow stands to have open space to sell, said Dean Andrew, Salina’s planning and zoning administrator. Salina Fire Marshal Roger Williams said some applicants had told him that many of the big-box stores were not allowing stands in front of their stores. “No one was turned away by the city,” Williams said. “Whether spaces were available or not, I don’t know.” “Everyplace down south of Cloud Street we talked to said ‘no,'” Winebrenner said. “Lowe’s, Central Mall and others all said, ‘No, we don’t want it.'” The city’s fees for fireworks stands might be keeping smaller tent owners out of the city, Winebrenner said. An operator in Salina must pay a nonrefundable $500 application fee and $2,000 base fee for a tent of up to 1,500 square feet. Operators pay $2.50 per square foot for the square footage of tents more than 1,500 square feet. The operator of a 2,000-square-foot tent, for example, would pay a total of $3,750. Tents larger than 2,400 square feet are not allowed. That’s much higher than the $1,000 flat fee charged in Saline County, but the city has attracted twice as many fireworks stands as the county. Saline County has approved three fireworks sales permits for this year. Winebrenner said he moved his stand to the city because of its larger population and distance people had to drive into the county. He is going to operate another stand in Assaria. “I expect I will do a lot better than last year in the county and the larger fee will pay off for me,” Winebrenner said. “It just made sense for us to put our stand in the city.” Smith, operator of K&J Crackerworks, said her Salina stand is her first in Saline County. In the past, she hasn’t been charged a fee to operate a fireworks stand. “We were happy to hear Salina legalized fireworks,” Smith said. “We are excited to see how the year pans out.” Information from: The Salina Journal, http://www.salina.com Read more: http://www.kansas.com/2011/06/17/1896509/first-fireworks-in-decades-in.html#ixzz1PYdrGluZ

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Time is running out fast to buy fireworks online for 4th of July delivery!

That’s right, the first week of June has come and gone!  The thermometer is rising, Swimming pools are open, the cicada’s are serenading and the time to buy fireworks online is now!

Here is our new arrivals now in stock as of 6/7/11

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Featured Video: Braggin Rights 500g 9 Shot







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Dozens of new items now in stock at US Fireworks

2 containers arrived in one week!  US Fireworks now has dozens of new items and old favorites back in stock just in time to stock up for the 4th, and don’t forget the crazy low price of $0.89 cents on sky lanterns with a minimum purchase of $150.00 in fireworks.  What more reason do you need to buy fireworks online this year? Check back for even more updates soon, click the images below for more info on each item.

Featured new product video: Mammoth Strobe Red!


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21st International Fireworks Competition Hannover Germany

Dates for the 21th International Firework Competition in 2011
May 14 Sweden: Göteborg FyrverkeriFabrik
June 25 France: Intermède
August 27 Spain: Pirotecnia Europlá
September 10 Austria: Pyrovision
September 24 Mexico: Pirotecnica Reyes

The first show of the 21st International Fireworks Competition is in the books, Goteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik respresented Sweden on the night of May 14 2011, enjoy the video below. Goteborg has choreographed and shot amazing pyro musicals around the world including Hannover, Montreal and his homeland of Sweden, and is considered by many one of the best. He has become known for his wonderful use of ground effects including wheels, gerbs, strobes, flash pots and mines. The International Competition in Hannover is one of the best in the world and draws the top displays from around the world.

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Sky Lanterns on sale for 89 cents!

We’re pretty sure this is the lowest price in the entire country but you, our loyal customers deserve it!  It’s quite likely these will never again be available anywhere at this price, and while we have hundreds in stock they will not last long once word gets out so don’t delay!  Click link for details: Cheap Sky Lanterns

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