Rhode Island legalizes Fireworks

In June 2011 Rhode Island removed itself from the dwindling list of states that make fireworks illegal.  Shops were adding signs and making last minute purchases to prepare for the coming 4th of July season with banner sales expected this first year.

Here is a list of consumer legal fireworks that are now allowed in Rhode Island, typically known as safe n sane fireworks to the industry, meaning no reloadable artillery shells, cakes, batteries or multi tube aerials.

Ground and Hand-held Sparkling Devices (“Sparklers”)

Cylindrical Fountain Cylindrical tube containing not more than 75 g of
pyrotechnic composition

Cone Fountain Cardboard or heavy paper cone containing not more than 50 g of pyrotechnic composition.

Illuminating Torch Cylindrical tube containing not more than 100 g of
pyrotechnic composition that produces a colored flame upon ignition. May be spike, base, or hand held.

Wheel Pyrotechnic device intended to be attached to a post or tree by means of a nail or string. May have one or more drivers, each of which may contain not more than 60 g of pyrotechnic composition.

Ground Spinner Small device containing not more than 20 g of pyrotechnic composition, venting out an orifice usually on the side of the tube.

Flitter Sparkler (Commonly known as morning glories) Narrow paper tube attached to a stick or wire and filled with not more than 5 g of pyrotechnic composition.

Toy Smoke Device Small plastic or paper item containing not more than 100g of pyrotechnic composition that, upon ignition, produces white or colored smoke.



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