Halloween Decorating Ideas: Pyrotechnic Pumpkins!

Halloween is just weeks away, have you figured out that one thing that will make your yard or porch over the top “spooktacular” yet?  Candles are boring…

How about some pyrotechnic pumpkins!  This guy used toothpicks to support a pie tin with a rag soaked in lighter fluid to get a long lasting flaming pumpkin.


Here is a creative way to use strobe pots… inside a pumpkin to draw eyes from blocks away!


How about sparklers in your pumpkin to set it apart!


Here’s great way to add the ultimate in eerieness to any pumpkin……even better at night with a light behind it!


We want to see your ideas! Send us a video link of your pyrotechnic pumpkin in action to usfireworks1@gmail.com


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