Pyro Porn?

Jesus Christs face on a potato.  A peanut that looks like George Bush.  Stars that resemble famous shapes.  Clouds that look like animals, but phallic fireworks?!  It’s not often that the magic of professional fireworks takes on other forms of artistry in the sky, but this one has gone viral in a hurry!  The display was shot in Glasgow, Scotland recently and amateur video captured the flying phallic, as did some giggling spectators.  Not much else needs said on this one, see the video below!

For the record we have our doubts on this one, as everything else in the display appeared to be fired vertically, creative editing?

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Shubh Diwali!

In 2013, Diwali, the festival of lights, will be celebrated on Nov. 3 by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs. The word Diwali comes from the Sanskrit deepavali, which means a row of lights.

Diwali is now commonly celebrated outside of India with modern fireworks such as sparklers, bangers and fountains instead of some of the more traditional, age old pyro built and used in India for centuries.







Sky lanterns are also becoming more popular for the festival of lights, and more and more participants are now buying fireworks online and having them delivered right to their homes.

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Fireworks Photo’s Contest

Here are some of the great photos sent in by customers of their 4th of July stashes!  We are always excepting images and videos and love to see them but we will select a winner before Labor Day to receive a Block Buster Display valued at over $500.00!  Don’t wait make sure to get your pics uploaded now by clicking HERE

Also make sure to check back often for after season specials and over stock sales so you can restock for Labor Day, Parties or whatever occasion you want to celebrate!

Pyroman__Fireworks_Stash_2011_Picture_2     Jason'Spankdogg'Weber__IMG_6088john__stash



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US Fireworks Photo & Video Contest!

Upload a video or photo of your fireworks “stash”and you will be entered into the drawing for a Block Buster Display  worth more then $500!
* You may enter with multiple photos and videos.  Any fireworks are fine, but Fireworks are preferred!
 Fireworks - Maximum Load 500g Cakes - Our top selling fire works sold at our on-line store! - The Block Buster Display

*Upload your Contest Video or Photo here:

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(This confirmation is required to process your request.)
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All new entries will be entered into the Contest!

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Last Days Craze…Order Fireworks Now!

Make sure to check out our contest, simply click and upload a picture and you could win a $500.00 Block Buster Display!

USFireAd-6-22-13 copy

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Fireworks Safety 101

It’s that time of year, 99% of all firework injuries will happen in the next three weeks so we thought this would be a great time to talk about what you can do to minimize the possibility of injuries and enjoy a safe and happy independence day.  First we want to state that almost ALL injuries involving fireworks, are not CAUSED by fireworks…but rather the MISUSE of fireworks!  Alcohol, lack of supervision, superman syndrome and taking apart and reassembling consumer fireworks into something they were not meant to be are all reported to be involved with a very large percentage of firework related injuries.  Also noted are that over 80% of injuries from misuse are caused by rockets, firecrackers and sparkler type devices.  Very few injuries are caused by aerial type devices tipping and shooting into crowds, but this is one area where improvements in precautions are easily made so in this article we will focus on that.

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New Fireworks Just Arrived

The following new items just arrived!

Jumbo Ground  Bloom  Flower   
Flying Gem
Dominator 1″  Firecrackers
Meteor Storm
10in Fiberglass Mortar
12in Fiberglass Mortar
Desert Oasis
8in Fiberglass Mortar-Yellow
2in Fiberglass Mortar
Mini Mammoth Strobe
Rapid Disturbance
Kids Backpack Assortment
The Captain’s Choice – Rocket Assortment
Ion Storm
Star Charger
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How to shoot your own backyard fireworks display

From time to time we have posted tips on how to shoot your own professional quality fireworks displays using high quality consumer fireworks.  In fact, many times the consumer shows we see rival the pro’s!  We are about to step that up and take you through a series of articles and videos to really propel you to another level.  US Fireworks has made it as easy as possible for the entry level by offering pre-selected displays and including everything needed to get that display in the air…in your own backyard!  The first two to be introduced to the market are The Block Buster Display and the Noisy Neighbor Display which contains the loudest legal fireworks we stock.  Upon unpacking the cartons for set up you will find everything you need including precise instructions including how to fuse the show together and exactly how many inches apart the items should be joining the main fuse line.  If you have never tried a one fuse display then you really need to take that first step so you can light that fuse then step back and enjoy the show with everyone else!

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Bottle Rockets

   One of the first items that comes to mind if you think back to your youth is probably the simple, inexpensive bottle rockets.  Well if some things don’t change in China where these small wonders that take off wish a whoosh and end with a sharp pop are manufactured they may very well become harder and harder to find.

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Mortar Fireworks

Mortar Fireworks is a common search term, also known as reloadable mortar shells, actually the mortar is reloadable not the shell!  This is a sometimes misused term in fireworks so let’s set the story straight.  Shells, are the actual firework.  Mortars, are the tube the shell is loaded into and fired from.  Common, safe firework mortars may be made from cardboard, fiberglass or high density polyethylene (HDPE)  depending on the strength of the shell to be launched.  Cardboard is acceptable for some lower powered shells such as Festival Balls and Black Box artillery, however HDPE or fiberglass is almost always a better choice, and to take safety and your display up even another notch we recommend firing even consumer shells out of mortars in racks.

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