Dogs and Fireworks

Dogs & Fireworks – Top 10 July 4th Tips for Owners
Dogs can be fearful of fireworks and other loud noises but here are some tips to help with their anxiety.

1.) Make a party of it! Ignore any fearful behavior and do not try to comfort your pet. The animal will pick up on your anxiety and this may make the problem worse. Pampering a pet that appears frightened can reward and encourage this behavior. Instead turn it into a party and your pet will follow your lead! However, fireworks are dangerous so never let your dog get too near a lit fireworks. Keep them a safe distance at all times, as with all of your party guests.

2.) Don’t punish your pet. This only confirms that there is something to be afraid of.

3.) Dogs that are exposed to loud noises at a early age can cope with them much better then adult dogs. If your pet shows no sign of adapting to the load noises then the best place for your dog is at home where they are familiar.

4.) Take your dog out for a walk early in the evening before the fireworks start.

5.) Close the curtains to reduce the noise & light from outside.

6.) Play some music or have the TV on to help cover the noise of fireworks.

7.) Keep close watch on your dog, if they become frightened they might try to escape and can easily become lost. So, make sure your dog has his collar and ID tags on.

8.) Play a rigorous game of catch or fetch with your dog in the early evening hours, to give your dog a chance to burn off some energy and tire him out a bit.

9.) If your dog becomes nervous, try introducing a brand new toy or treat such as a long-lasting chewy one!

10.) Try to plan ahead and ask your vet for some dog anxiety medicine, or order something like Pet Calm pills or spray.

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