UFO sighting! Alien Craft on Good Morning America explained!

***Edit*** We Have offered a big news agency to recreate this video / incident. Do you think they are interested in the truth or will they choose to let the fantasy play out? Whether you believe or not, this one actually has an explanation!

Ok, these have been the subject of several news stories in recent years so we thought why not jump in and explain!

As much as we want to believe it’s superior beings watching over us waiting to share their technology, the subjects in the video below…which apparently made Good Morning America….



…are in fact something we stock every day! http://usfireworks.biz/items/dm1110-skylanterns.htm


Sky Lanterns are a wonderful, quiet way to celebrate many occasions and have been becoming more popular at both wedding and funerals! They can symbolize both the flight of a new relationship, as well as the rising of a soul to better places during a moment of silence.

Sorry to de hype a national news story but…if someone bought these from us they spent less than 10 bucks for National entertainment…why not buy a case and create a full out invasion!

***UPDATE*** We have contacted Good Morning America with a link to this post and explanation…do you think they will reply or let it play out?

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