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Fireworks Fundraisers Have Begun

Every year hundreds of fireworks displays across the country are at risk of being canceled because of lack of funds.    However, across those same cities and towns people are coming together and organizing fireworks fundraisers to help pay the bill for the fireworks displays that make summer so special.

Fireworks FundraiserConsider selling USFireworks assortments as a way to raise funds.   You can sell door to door as these safe and sane assortments are legal almost everywhere.  Sane and Sane Back Pack Assortment Our Low Wholesale price on the case pack let’s you sell these items at a great profit and thus raise a lot of funds for your neighborhood display.  Plus its a great way to engage the community.   Here are some great examples of fundraisers happening across the USA:

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Fireworks displays in your area.

Spring has sprung, bring on the fireworks displays!

Soon the sun won’t be setting until 9pm, the smell of neighborhood BBQ grills will be a daily occurrence and summertime activities will be in full swing.  The first big holiday to celebrate with fireworks is only 7 weeks away, Memorial Day.  Cities and towns across the USA kick off this summer spectacular with fireworks displays for all to enjoy, but how to find them?

Besides local media such as television and radio sources, the internet is the best resource (thanks Al Gore!) we recommend a website such as this to find fireworks in your area

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Fireworks for Gender Reveal Party

Fireworks for Gender Reveal Parties – It’s all the rage   DM234BDM234A

Expecting couples everywhere are finding creative ways to let family and friends know what’s in the oven.  I experienced this personally a couple months ago while dropping my wife off (late) for a baby shower / gender reveal party.

As we drove down the street towards the house the sky suddenly lit up with fireworks!  Now, I had never before wished I was at a baby shower but this sure made it interesting!  My interest piqued, I walked up to find out who and why they were shooting fireworks at a baby shower?

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Huge Fireworks Balloons

Revelers around the world have just rang in the New Year.   Many traditionally celebrate with fireworks or Sky Lanterns.   However, in November of each year, revelers in Myanmar’s Shan State celebrate the end of the rainy season with a traditional holiday called the Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights.

Fireworks-Ballons1On the week of the full moon this fireworks festival attracts thousands to Taunggyi city.  But this festival features something special.   “Firemasters” build huge fireworks balloons that are used to carry fireworks aloft.

This tradition, though dangerous, has been carried on for generations.   The fireworks are often had crafted by the Firemasters who pass the tradition on from generation.

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Some Fireworks Now Legal In New York State!!

cuomo-fireworksAround fireworks circles, New York State was always considered to be the last state that would consider legalizing fireworks.  Some said fireworks would be legal in New York when pigs fly!   Well watch for flying pigs because Governor Andrew Cuomo has just signed a bill into law late Friday that will make small novelty fireworks, including sparklers into legal on June 1st 2015.

The law does not allow any fireworks in New York City.  However, outside the city, sales of fireworks will be allowed from June 1 through July 5 and then again from Dec. 26 through Jan. 2 of each year.

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Seattle WA Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Looking for a Chinese New Year Celebration in Washington State?   Well look no further as the annal Seattle WA gala event sponsored by the Hong Kong Association of Washington Gala welcomes nearly 900 guests to celebrate the Lunar New Year while raising valuable funds for our community. This year, the proceeds benefit Seattle Children’s.

Sheraton Seattle Hotel
1400 6th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

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New Years Eve Noise Makers

New Years Eve is all about the noise!

USFireNYE copyAnd US Fireworks Superstore has some of the loudest celebration supplies you can get!  Check out the recommendations below from fountains to full blown fireworks.  Click the images below for more details.

M-150 Salute Crackers are the loudest legal firecrackers in the USA!

Mighty Rattler is 200 grams and 19 shots of super loud crackling comets.

A 100 SHot Saturn Missile Batter can be heard from almost 3 miles away!

Hammertime is one of the loudest 16 shot cakes you can buy guaranteed!

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Last Days Craze…Order Fireworks Now!

Make sure to check out our contest, simply click and upload a picture and you could win a $500.00 Block Buster Display!

USFireAd-6-22-13 copy

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2013 Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is Sunday, March 31, 2013.

Starting today US Fireworks is hosting a virtual, online Easter egg hunt!

Now through Easter simply search through our online superstore for the hidden Easter Eggs to win prizes!

  • No Purchase necessary to enter.
  • Eggs are hidden on several pages.  There will only be one egg per page.
  • Find at least one egg to enter.
  • Send an e-mail to US Fireworks Easter Egg Hunt
  • Copy and paste the URL of each page you find an egg into the e-mail.
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Celebrate The Chinese New Year

Buy Chinese New Year Fireworks On-line

Buy Dragon Dance Fireworks On-line

Chinese New Year FireworksCelebrate The Chinese New Year With Tony Chan’s Water Club

Chinese New Year Celebration and Traditional Lion Dance
Sunday, January 22nd 2012, 8pm
Tony Chan’s Water Club (Inside the Hilton Doubletree Grand)
1717 N. Bayshore Dr.
Miami, FL 33132

Tony Chan’s Water Club known for their beautiful view of the bay and outstanding Chinese Cuisine and Sushi, will be celebrating the Year of the Dragon with a traditional Chinese “Lion Dance” performance.

The Chinese Lion Dance dates back over 1,000 years in ancient China and is a symbol for joy and happiness during the Chinese New Year.

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