Some Fireworks Now Legal In New York State!!

cuomo-fireworksAround fireworks circles, New York State was always considered to be the last state that would consider legalizing fireworks.  Some said fireworks would be legal in New York when pigs fly!   Well watch for flying pigs because Governor Andrew Cuomo has just signed a bill into law late Friday that will make small novelty fireworks, including sparklers into legal on June 1st 2015.

The law does not allow any fireworks in New York City.  However, outside the city, sales of fireworks will be allowed from June 1 through July 5 and then again from Dec. 26 through Jan. 2 of each year.

The bad news is that the law provides for an opt-in clause for each county.  So far, Yates and Wyoming are the only two local counties that have opted in.

Hopefully more counties will opt-in in the coming weeks.   From past examples in other states, once fireworks are legalized, counties quickly realize that federally legal and 3rd party tested fireworks are far better then the alternative of trying to keep all fireworks out.

The new law supposedly gives law enforcement clearer guidelines to crack down and make arrests for illegal fireworks.

Given that only two counties have used the opt-in clause, and that Cuomo has stated that another purpose of the new law was to remove the vagueness of the old law, in order to allow more fireworks crackdowns, US Fireworks will not begin to ship fireworks to New York State in 2015.   We will wait to see how New York’s law enforcement reacts to the law.

Hopefully New York’s police will take this as an opportunity to bring New York into modern times where the majority of American’s now are once again allowed to celebrate their independence with Fireworks.  We will keep you up to date on law enforcement’s attitude in the coming weeks!   Stay tuned!

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