2013 Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is Sunday, March 31, 2013.

Starting today US Fireworks is hosting a virtual, online Easter egg hunt!

Now through Easter simply search through our online superstore for the hidden Easter Eggs to win prizes!

  • No Purchase necessary to enter.
  • Eggs are hidden on several pages.  There will only be one egg per page.
  • Find at least one egg to enter.
  • Send an e-mail to US Fireworks Easter Egg Hunt
  • Copy and paste the URL of each page you find an egg into the e-mail.
  • Find at least one egg to be eligible for the weekly prize.
  • Find two eggs and receive a free Rowdy Rampage on next order.
  • Find 4 eggs and receive a free Rowdy Rampage & 500g Mind Warp.
  • Make a note in shipping instructions (in check-out section) saying “Winner Egg Hunt” to remind us you are a winner.
  • We will have a weekly drawing from anyone who finds an Egg and send the winner a free fireworks grab bag filled with posters, mug, pens, etc.Only one winner per household.

Can you find the “e” Eggs?  Happy Hunting!

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