The Malta International Fireworks Festival

We love our fireworks here at US Fireworks, but the people of Malta really love fireworks!   Fireworks have two historical traditions.   The Italian tradition and the Oriental Tradition.

Fireworks made in the Oriental Tradition have become the standard commercial style of fireworks because the cost to manufacturer is lower.   Therefore, the Italian style shells are very rare and seldom seen in the USA.

What makes Italian style fireworks unique is that they use cylindrical construction, rather then spherical construction.

A photo of a Maltese style shell being constructed can be seen below:

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Fireworks used in Boston Bombings?

No way, no how!  There is already silly talk of president Obama using executive order to force a nation wide ban on fireworks.  Come on people, this is not only possible it may be the biggest knee jerk reaction ever!

While the suspects may (or may not) have purchased fireworks, the amount claimed would not have near the power needed to produce the results we saw in Boston.  In Fact, there are many, many readily available common household items that are far more energetic than what the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission allows in Fireworks.

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Congratulations to Virtual Egg Hunt winners!

 Congratulations to J Hughes of VA for being a winner in our Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!  His prizes are on their way to him as you read this.

Moving further into springtime, Memorial Day is right around the corner and typically kicks off the busiest couple of months to buy fireworks online.  Most of the items have arrived from China and smart shoppers will buy before the rush to make sure they get their favorite items before they sell out.  Over 1,000 different firework devices are legal for sale in the USA including firecrackers, reloadable mortars, spinners, multi shots, rockets, ground items and sparklers…what’s your favorite?  We love seeing pictures of peoples firework stashes as they stock up for the summer, now is the time to get started!

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Large Meteorite Thought to be Fireworks Across East Coast of United States.

Friday, March 22nd 2013

Reports are pouring in from Florida to Maine of a “very bright, blueish green streak that looked like large fireworks”  according to hundreds of witnesses posting to blogs and news sites.  There are a few reports of impact with earth and a loud boom but nothing official as of 11:00 EST.  News crews are on their way to the potential impact area thought to be somewhere in Delaware.

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Drought continues to subside: Good news for fireworks in 2013!

   “March 13th 2013 
      The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for the Mississippi River at Alton from Wednesday afternoon through next Tuesday March 19th. As of Tuesday at noon, the stage was 18.6 feet. Flood stage is 21 feet.  The river is expected to crest near 22.2 feet early Friday morning and remain above flood stage until early next Tuesday morning.”

   Well there’s a welcome warning!  The largest river in the country is spilling over it’s banks from recent rains and snow melt and after last years devastating drought, things are off to a great start for this year weather wise.  Cool and wet are a great combination for all the upcoming product demo’s as new fireworks flow in from China, many ahead of schedule.

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2013 Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is Sunday, March 31, 2013.

Starting today US Fireworks is hosting a virtual, online Easter egg hunt!

Now through Easter simply search through our online superstore for the hidden Easter Eggs to win prizes!

  • No Purchase necessary to enter.
  • Eggs are hidden on several pages.  There will only be one egg per page.
  • Find at least one egg to enter.
  • Send an e-mail to US Fireworks Easter Egg Hunt
  • Copy and paste the URL of each page you find an egg into the e-mail.
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Major drought relief, burn bans lifted!

2012 will be remembered for a loooong time as the worst year in decades for firework sales across much of the USA.  Sales in some areas were down as much as 80% even where mandatory bans were not implemented by local government agencies.   Starting in September the rains returned to much of the country and have continued, slowly but surely lessening the droughts grip.  At the time of this writing rains have greened things up nicely just in time for fantastic fall colors!  Retailers are banking on an above average winter season, specifically New Years Eve celebrations with fireworks to help get them back in the black and reduce inventory to make room for the 2013 products now in production in China.  Online fireworks sales are expected to be about the only sector that can hope to report increased sales this year, and that trend should continue as bargain shoppers continue to use the internet to find the convenience and savings potential of having fireworks delivered right to their door steps.

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Happy Diwali!

Diwali is the Indian Holiday celebrated each fall usually in November.  Sparklers are the main firework purchased for Diwali celebrations worldwide.  Interestingly India is second only to China in firework production, unfortunately there have been some recent manufacturing accidents and injuries in India slowing down their production capacities.   US Fireworks is the #1 website for buying fireworks online and has tons of stock on many different sparklers just in time for Diwali 2012!  Order today and have your Diwali sparklers delivered to your doorstep in plenty of time for your celebrations.

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Fireworks safety, Burn Bans and Record Drought.

The summer of 2012 is turning out to be a real scorcher as far as temperatures, and well under average precipitation as of late June has officials concerned.  Forecasts in the Midwest for the last week of June show high temperatures as extreme as 113 degrees with heat indices touching 120.  Meteorologists say the the heat indices would actually be even worse, but the humidity and dew points are lower then normal ranging in the 50’s. This just adds to the fire dangers, toss in a gentle breeze and a spark can become a raging inferno in mere minutes under these conditions.

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USFireworks Information Video

Hello USFireworks shoppers and blog readers!  Our mailing list is now over 10,000 members strong and we just blasted out our second mail with some crazy specials in less than two weeks.  Make sure to join our mailing list on the main page for smokin’ deals, literally!  We threw together a little promo video to show you how easy buying fireworks online really is, and just in time to show your patriotism for Memorial Day weekend parties.  Let USFireworks take your BBQ, camping or float trip over the top as you show the ultimate in patriotic celebration with some of our colorful selections of fireworks.  Check out the video below and subscribe to our YouTube channel as it will be getting a lot more action in 2012 so check back often!

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