Major drought relief, burn bans lifted!

2012 will be remembered for a loooong time as the worst year in decades for firework sales across much of the USA.  Sales in some areas were down as much as 80% even where mandatory bans were not implemented by local government agencies.   Starting in September the rains returned to much of the country and have continued, slowly but surely lessening the droughts grip.  At the time of this writing rains have greened things up nicely just in time for fantastic fall colors!  Retailers are banking on an above average winter season, specifically New Years Eve celebrations with fireworks to help get them back in the black and reduce inventory to make room for the 2013 products now in production in China.  Online fireworks sales are expected to be about the only sector that can hope to report increased sales this year, and that trend should continue as bargain shoppers continue to use the internet to find the convenience and savings potential of having fireworks delivered right to their door steps.

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