Iowa legalizes fireworks for consumers.

Iowa legalizes fireworks for consumers, finally!

The number of states where fireworks are illegal continues to shrink as Iowa recently legalized consumer fireworks for sale to consumers.  The state has been losing tax dollars to neighboring WI, MO and ND for decades.  The State Fire Marshall’s office says more than 500 permits have been issued to sell fireworks statewide and urges consumers to use common sense, and follow label warnings and instructions when using fireworks.  Iowa joins most recently GA in the legalization of consumer fireworks, where business is “booming” in the week before the 4th of July.  The passing of the bill also gives Iowa consumers the option to legally buy fireworks online and have them shipped directly to their homes.  US Fireworks reminds buyers that according to Consumer Product Safety Commissions statistics, most injuries are caused by small items such as sparklers, bottle rockets and firecrackers and in most cases by misuse.  Photo credit and more available HERE

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