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Summer Highlights – Fireworks for all summer fun!

BBQ, Block Parties, and Camping, oh my!

Light up your summer events with fireworks!

Our No Minimum Picks:

Silly Sticks Sparkler

Gamma Glow Sparkler

#8 Gold Electric Bamboo Sparkler or #10 Gold Bamboo Sparkler

#10 Crackle Bamboo Sparkler


#10 NEOX Sparkler

Campfire Blue

Color Smoke Balls


Donkey Balls (Ultra Smoke Balls)

Cobras Den

Black Snakes or Colored Snakes

Sky Lanterns: Sparkler Star

Mini Sky Lantern or Jumbo Sky Lantern

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US Fireworks giveaway: Father’s Day winner!

US Fireworks’ 2020 Father’s Day Giveaway has concluded!
To enter, contestants:
1. Liked US Fireworks Facebook page
2. Chose at least 1 of our product’s name and created their best dad joke
3. Tagged 2 friends (or loved ones) and shared the contest
The winner picked by lucky draw: Sarah D
“What did the dad say to the attractive creeper?
Lurkin’ good!”
won a $100 US Fireworks cash coupon!

We also want to give a shout out to all the fantastic entries!

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Iowa legalizes fireworks for consumers.

Iowa legalizes fireworks for consumers, finally!

The number of states where fireworks are illegal continues to shrink as Iowa recently legalized consumer fireworks for sale to consumers.  The state has been losing tax dollars to neighboring WI, MO and ND for decades.  The State Fire Marshall’s office says more than 500 permits have been issued to sell fireworks statewide and urges consumers to use common sense, and follow label warnings and instructions when using fireworks.  Iowa joins most recently GA in the legalization of consumer fireworks, where business is “booming” in the week before the 4th of July.  The passing of the bill also gives Iowa consumers the option to legally buy fireworks online and have them shipped directly to their homes.  US Fireworks reminds buyers that according to Consumer Product Safety Commissions statistics, most injuries are caused by small items such as sparklers, bottle rockets and firecrackers and in most cases by misuse.  Photo credit and more available HERE

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Iowa Fireworks Bill Passes Senate, Opposed By Fire Marshal’s

Iowa Senate takes one step closer to legalize fireworks, met with opposition by Fire Marshal’s.

Over 80% of Iowa’s residents polled are in favor of legalizing fireworks in their state.  The Fire Marshal’s Association released a statement in opposition including statistically incorrect data such as “consumer fireworks are dangerous to transport, and store”

Our searches have found ZERO accidents from transporting consumer fireworks in the last decade, Zero instances of fireworks magically igniting and ZERO injuries in the few storage facility fires that have occurred nationwide.  There are MANY goods more dangerous than fireworks and it’s disappointing to see the association oppose something with little factual data to back their claims.

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Biggest Firework Ever Lit in the USA!

Crew launches biggest firework ever in the USA

In fact, in the entire Western Hemisphere.

A group of highly trained professionals worked for almost two years, for the 10 seconds of amazing color, fire and light created in the mountain skies over Steamboat Springs CO on February 7th 2017.

The shell had an amazing weight of over 1,100lbs and over 50lbs ob black powder was used to launch it into the atmosphere where it dazzled onlookers for miles and miles.

Here is a link to a video by USA today of this amazing firework!

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Will Trump be fireworks friendly?

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West Virginia Firework Laws


House bill 2852, or the fireworks bill has passed and changed the West Virginia firework laws making the sale of fireworks that are normally sold in Ohio and Kentucky now legal in West Virginia.

The state law legalizing the sale of additional fireworks takes effect Wednesday and revamps West Virginia Firework Laws, for the better for firework west virginia firework laws enthusiasts.

The bill, which unanimously passed the Senate and House of Delegates, aims to raise money for veterans and volunteer fire departments, but Mike Shank said some fireworks should be controlled by professionals.

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Fireworks Safety Tips

Celebrate safely with fireworks this summer.fireworks safety

Over the past decade, fireworks accidents have decreased even      though sales have steadily increased.  As the trend continues, more states are legalizing fireworks or amending their state laws to allow even more types of fireworks.  Where they may have been safe n sane fireworks only, they are now allowing aerial type fireworks as well.  Fireworks safety awareness is a big reason for the trends.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety is a great resource, you can find their website and more information here firework safety.  And below is a list of their recommended fireworks safety tips:

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Illegal Fireworks Destroyed

20,000 pounds of Illegal fireworks destroyed!   Local police in Midland Texas assisted the ATF and other departments in destroying 20,000 lbs of illegal fireworks.  No word as to the source of the fireworks or as to what type of fireworks they were.  From the video they appear to be mainly 1.3g professional fireworks.  In the NBC News link below at the end of the video you hear the reporters say “they should have saved them for the 4th of July” and “What a waste”  We agree…how about you?

NBS News Fireworks Article

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Fireworks Drought Forecast 2014

July 4th, 2014 falls on a Friday!

Why is this significant?  Traditionally, sales “skyrocket”  (pun intended!) when the 4th falls on a Friday, and after the near disastrous selling season of 2012 when much of the country suffered severe drought with many states banning the sales and/or use of fireworks this year so far appears to be all systems GREEN, as in profits.

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