US Fireworks giveaway: Father’s Day winner!

US Fireworks’ 2020 Father’s Day Giveaway has concluded!
To enter, contestants:
1. Liked US Fireworks Facebook page
2. Chose at least 1 of our product’s name and created their best dad joke
3. Tagged 2 friends (or loved ones) and shared the contest
The winner picked by lucky draw: Sarah D
“What did the dad say to the attractive creeper?
Lurkin’ good!”
won a $100 US Fireworks cash coupon!

We also want to give a shout out to all the fantastic entries!

Shawn B.
“a dad and daughter was making watermelon moonshine a notorious paparazzi group drove by in a jam packed american muscle car scream and shout nice grass the dad thought nice a** the dad tells his daughter fear not ill call the swat to lay the smackdown on them swat team arrives with the first strike on them with a knuckle sandwich and knocked them out cold and the daughter said bitchin
Tom J.
Jumping Jacks Flash, keep them away from the gas gas gas!”
Brandon B.
“How do you fix a broken spider monkey? A monkey wrench.”
James C.
“My wife asked me what I want for fathers day?
I said I want something bitchin
She said bitchin? You get that from me everyday lol”
Mya M.
“My daddy not too long ago, tripped over my mom’s bra.. Scared he was going to die, let out a huge explosive gas bomb..
He still blames it on a BOOBY TRAP FIRECRACKER that went off!”
Rebecca D.
“What did the dad say to the son? Better move that fart might be a bio hazard lol”
Lori G.
“What did the pet owner say about his cat’s passing? She went over the radical rainbow.”
Gail Y.
“Why did Little Johnny run away fro home? Because his Patriotic Dominance him.”
Kelly W.
“What do you use to fix a broken ape? A monkey wrench.”


Stephanie L.
“Two dads were out in their yards on a beautiful day. The one dad looks over to the other and says “Nice Grass!”, the other says “I do it all for the ‘Shock and Awe‘ of the neighborhood”. The other neighbor takes a look at his own yard and realizes that it has become quite the ‘biohazard‘. He decides it is ‘hammer time‘ and gets to work. He glaces over to the other neighbor and shouts, I just love spring, I get so excited I nearly wet my plants!”

Jon M.
“Did you hear about the guy that tried to get high by smoking a snake?
Cotton mouth.”

Gracie C.
“Batman came up to me and he hit me over the head with a vase and he said “T’PAU!”
I said don’t you mean “KA-POW?”
He said “No, I’ve got china in my hand.”

Tasha B.
“what kind of tattoo does a postal service worker get? A Tramp Stamp

Jeff S.
Hemp hemp hooray I got high today.”

Smith T.
“My dad tells me that ammunition and firecrackers are not good to work with on a job. Because they only work when they get fired.”

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