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1749 George II’s display


FIRE-WORKES and ILLUMINATIONS on the River Thames Monday 15 May 1749

This is the famous fireworks display that George Frideric Handel composed his “Music for the Royal Fireworks”.

The firework display was for the benefit of King George II of Great Britain to celebrate the signing of the treaty at Aix la Chapelle in 1748 marking the end of the War of Austrian Succession. Unfortunately, during the display, one of the fireworks landed on the pavilion of the Temple of Peace, igniting the several thousand fireworks inside and killing three spectators.

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21st International Fireworks Competition Hannover Germany

Dates for the 21th International Firework Competition in 2011
May 14 Sweden: Göteborg FyrverkeriFabrik
June 25 France: Intermède
August 27 Spain: Pirotecnia Europlá
September 10 Austria: Pyrovision
September 24 Mexico: Pirotecnica Reyes

The first show of the 21st International Fireworks Competition is in the books, Goteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik respresented Sweden on the night of May 14 2011, enjoy the video below. Goteborg has choreographed and shot amazing pyro musicals around the world including Hannover, Montreal and his homeland of Sweden, and is considered by many one of the best. He has become known for his wonderful use of ground effects including wheels, gerbs, strobes, flash pots and mines. The International Competition in Hannover is one of the best in the world and draws the top displays from around the world.

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Baseball, Apple Pie and Fireworks!

Whats more American than Baseball, Apple Pie and Fireworks!

This week millions of fans will flock to stadiums around the country for opening weekend of MLB – Major League Baseball, who’s your pic to win the World Series this year?

With talk of a possible football strike for the coming season Baseball should expect an up year in participation. Fireworks at baseball stadiums are the staple of some display companies budgets and income all across America. Baseball is a focus in Small Town USA all across America where teams plant their Minor League teams giving the world’s youth the chance to live their dream and make it to the big leagues. Many of these stadiums and teams are unheard of to the masses yet they fuel the backbone of the sport and industry.

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Fireworks & Nascar Season Schedule

NASCAR heats up, Literally….with fireworks!

Gentlemen, start your engines!  No other sport consistently draws over 100,000 fans to it’s events in the USA.  Watch the video below and tell me this isn’t America the free! Can’t make the races live?  That’s OK you can watch from home and then celebrate with your own fireworks after that you had delivered from



Here is the spring/summer schedule leading up to the Indy 500

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