Jason Pierre-Paul fireworks safety PSAs this 4th of July

NFL star to promote fireworks safety.

Jason Pierre Paul is a professional football player with the NY Giants.  You may remember his name from a fireworks accident that made the news in 2015 where he was misusing consumer fireworks and sustained significant injury to his hand as a result.  Jason is back healthy, and planning to preach fireworks safety this year.

As reported by Fox News:

According to the New York Daily News he will even do several Public Service Announcements on fireworks safety in the lead-up to the July 4th holiday:

Pierre-Paul has said and done all the right things since he returned to the Giants last October, nearly four months after a fireworks accident that blew off a significant portion of his right hand. He has donated his time and money to burn victims, spoken to them as a group and occasionally one-on-one. He has taken seriously his desire to become a “role model,” and a life-sized example of what not to do.

But this is the moment when JPP can do more — and there are indications he plans to do just that. Two sources familiar with his plans told the Daily News he is planning to do some type of public service announcements in the coming weeks as a way to get the word out that he’s serious: Fireworks are dangerous.

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