MadOx Fireworks Arriving Soon

New MadOx Fireworks Arriving Soon!

Many new items such as the Patriot Assortment pictured below are arriving soon!  This item has 4 different cakes.  An all blue, all white, all red and all crackle cake.   Perfect for making your own backyard July 4th Fireworks Displays.

Other new items include The Fruit Punch Assortment from MadOX Fireworks.   This assortment features out of this world fruity colors, like Banana Yellow, Blueberry Blue, Tangerine Orange, and Grape Purple!  Colors like you have never seen before in consumer fireworks!

Other exciting items include the following:

MadOX Fireworks Black label firecrackersMadOx Fireworks - T-Rex - Double breaking shells - 18 breaks

T-Rex is a Double Break cake that features unique 2 break cylinder shells.   This is a very good cake for the money as you get a total of 18 breaks for the same cost as what you usually pay for a 10 or 12 break cake!   This item is one to look out for.

Next are the Black Label Firecrackers.   Not only does the package look awesome, but the firecrackers are Loud!

The Patriot Assortment in the video above is part of MadOX’s professional line that they call “Pro OX”.   These items will all be no-nonsense items designed for the hard core backyard pyro.   They will feature straight color cakes and unique new effects that will help you put on the best show in the neighborhood. already carries some of MadOx’s debut items such as Death Spiral and Monkey Wrench.    The new OX items will be available for the 2016 season.

MadOx Fireworks - Death Spiral 500g Cake         MadOx Fireworks - Monkey Wrench 200g cake

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