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New fireworks just arrived in time for July 4th

US Fireworks just received a new shipment direct from China with many exciting new items.

Mad Ox FireworksUS Fireworks is proud to introduce an exciting new line of fireworks called Mad Ox Brand Fireworks.    Judging by the quality of the items we received this is going to be an exciting new brand.   We will be looking forward to what else they have to offer.


Here is an example of some of the new items just received:

   The Hammer Fireworks For Sale - Reloadable Artillery Shells
The Hammer
Price: $25.67
Double Barrel Fireworks For Sale - 500g Firework Cakes
Double Barrel
Price: $77.81 Tumbleweed Fireworks For Sale - 500g Firework Cakes
Price: $83.48
  Recluse Fireworks For Sale - 500g Firework Cakes
Price: $71.16
Watch the Video!

Death Spiral Fireworks For Sale - 500g Firework Cakes
Death Spiral
Price: $86.03 Legendary Fireworks For Sale - 500g Firework Cakes
Price: $83.48
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Some Fireworks Now Legal In New York State!!

cuomo-fireworksAround fireworks circles, New York State was always considered to be the last state that would consider legalizing fireworks.  Some said fireworks would be legal in New York when pigs fly!   Well watch for flying pigs because Governor Andrew Cuomo has just signed a bill into law late Friday that will make small novelty fireworks, including sparklers into legal on June 1st 2015.

The law does not allow any fireworks in New York City.  However, outside the city, sales of fireworks will be allowed from June 1 through July 5 and then again from Dec. 26 through Jan. 2 of each year.

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