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Silky Sweet – 500g Fireworks Cake “silk lace effect”

Silky Sweet is a new 500g cake by Dominator Fireworks featuring a new fireworks effect called the “silk lace effect”.   It is very rare that new effects are developed in fireworks.    So to have this new effect is very exciting!  

What exactly is a “silk lace effect”?    Well, the best way is to just watch the YouTube video below to see what it is!   But i’d say that it sort of looks like crackle, but with no noise and with a red/pink color!

The Silk Lace Effect is a very beautiful effect and truly something new and different.

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Senko Hanabi Sparklers

How to Use Senko Hanabi Sparklers
Senko Hanabi Sparklers are something different then your usual sparkler.

These are actually not a traditional wire sparkler that you wave around in the air. In fact, if you don’t hold Senko Hanabi Sparklers very still, they will not work. These sparklers are wildly popular in Japan, but little known in the USA. If you learn how to use them correctly, you will appreciate the beautiful lacy gold sparks that are like no other firework.

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