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New UFO footage over U.S. airspace!

Mkay, we promised last month to get a video up explaining the rash of UFO sightings and videos on You Tube, some of which made National News stories!  We could have edited that post below but wanted this to stand alone.  When we emailed ABC news who carried the story for several days stating we had an explanation for the phenomenon and could recreate it easily…we were banned from posting on their site! We had hoped they would be interested in the truth for their viewers, we did the work…watch the video and you decide.


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I Phone Apps…send e fireworks to your friends!

Love fireworks? Sitting at your desk dreaming of your next pyro event? Need a quick fix? Swakker has it! Their latest I Phone app lets you design and send messages via Face Book, MMS and email. You can load your own images for a back ground to really personalize it too! Check out the video below of a demonstration we found where else….You Tube.  We’ll try to contact Swakker and see if their interested in a contest with real prizes!  Download the app here Swakker and get ready!

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Virtual Easter Egg Hunt Winner Week Ending 4/16/11

Happy Easter Weekend!

Congratulations to B.B. from Arkansas for winning the free prize package this week!  His prizes will be sent on their way we hope he enjoys them, you could be the next winner this is the last weekend for the contest so go to USFireworks and enter now there’s no purchase neccessary.

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Virtual Egg Hunt winner week ending 4/6

Congratulations to J.R. from Oklahoma on being selected last weeks winner! J.R. Will receive prizes from the image below….and you could too!  No Purchase necessary to win prizes….free fireworks with an order!

Spend some time with the kids and let them sharpen their egg hunting skills indoors, ahead of time, sign up today!

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