Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to Use Senko Hanabi Sparklers

Senko Hanabi Sparklers are something different then your usual sparkler.

These are actually not a traditional wire sparkler that you wave around in the air. In fact, if you don't hold Senko Hanabi Sparklers very still, they will not work. These sparklers are wildly popular in Japan, but little known in the USA. If you learn how to use them correctly, you will appreciate the beautiful lacy gold sparks that are like no other firework.

The proper way to use a Senko Hanabi Sparkler is to hold it upside down, with the small packet of powder on the bottom. Use a lighter to get the paper burning. The paper and powder will begin to burn (this is not the sparkler effect). Wait for several seconds (up to about 30 seconds) for a small molten ball to form. Then, after several more seconds sparks will begin to shoot out of the molten ball as seen in the video. If you shake the sparkler, the molten ball will fall off and the effect will be ruined. So, hold the sparkler very still (you can also tape the sparkler to something rigid so you don't have to worry about it moving). If you are holding the sparkler, make sure to hold it away from your feet and not over any flammable material. The small molten ball can fall off and when it lands on something, its very hot.

Finally, find a location were the wind is very light, as once again, the little molten ball can fall off very easy and ruin the effect.

This effect is not a big bad spectacular effect, but it is silently beautiful. Once you see the delicate gold lacy sparks you will also be hooked on this get little novelty. Great fun the whole family can enjoy!

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