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Part 2 - China Factory Photos Showing how Saturn Missiles and Whistling Bottle Rockets are Manfactured

This is part 2 of 2 of how Saturn Missiles, Whistling Bottle Rockets, and Whistling Gemini are manufactured in China. Re-published with permission of Dominator Fireworks.

Goto Part 1 - Saturn Missile Factory Part 1

After the plastic tubes are made, they are then sent to the loading area to be loaded with whistle composition. Sometimes other pyrotechnic compositions are added as well to make the tail have different effects. For example, there are now Color Tail Saturn Missiles, Crackling Tails, and Tails to Report.

The photo above shows the individual missiles being loaded with fuses. These missiles will be used on rockets that are designed to hand launched one at a time. The worker is using a small stick to stuff a square of paper into the tube and hold the fuse in place.

In the photo below, these same missiles are now being glued to rocket sticks. The label serves as the method to hold the missile to the stick. Now these are packaged in groups of 12 rockets with another plastic label. Then 12 of these packs are wrapped with clear plastic wrap make a gross of Whistling Bottle Rockets.

Whistling bottle rockets use sticks to stabilize the flight. Saturn missiles are launched from a small tube and that tube provide launch stabilization for the missile.

In the photo below, you can see a worker using a sharp awl to punch a whole for the fuse to go through.

A long single fuse is then fed through each of the tubes as in the photo below.
Next the rows of tubes are glued together to make the body of the Saturn Missile Battery.

Now the individual tubes are loaded with missiles one by one.
The last step is to cover the batteries with the colorful label and add a waterproofing plastic wrap.

As mentioned before, the same small plastic missiles are used for several products.
The photos below show the missiles being used to make the Whistling Gemini rocket.
Here the photo shows the fins being added to the missile tube.
Here is a photo of the finished item. The items will now be tested and then packaged for shipment.
And finally the items packaged and ready for shipment.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

China Factory Photos Showing how Saturn Missiles and Whistling Bottle Rockets are Manfactured

Saturn Missiles, Whistling Bottle Rockets, Whistling Gemini and Jupiter are all old favorites. These items are very popular and are very reasonably priced. We are selling a pack of four 25 shot Saturn Missiles for $3.51! That is less then $1 for 25 shots. So, how can we offer such great prices?

We travel to China every year and we buy direct from the manufacturers like Black Cat, Brothers, and Dominator Fireworks. This gives us the buying power to give you the best prices. Also, the fireworks factories specialize in just one type of product. For example, Saturn Missiles, Whistling Bottle Rockets, Whistling Gemini and Jupiter's are all made in one type of factory. For the most part, these factories only make these products and do not make other products like 500g Cakes, or firecrackers, or sparklers. Why not? Well, again, in order to provide you with the absolute lowest cost, the factory needs to be most efficient. By focusing production on items that are all similar, the factory can sell large volume at very reasonable prices and still make money.

This article, is reprinted with permission from Dominator fireworks. They walk you through the steps of manufacturing these fun items. All these photos were taken in a factory in China and show the actual production of products.

Step #1 - Produce the plastic whistle tube

Our factory actually has its own machine for producing the little plastic tubes used in making these missiles and rockets. Here you can see some photos of the machine in action.

The hopper contains small bits of ground up plastic, the factory always tries to use recycled plastic.

The plastic is melted and a mold of about 50 rocket tubes is made at one time. The melted plastic is injected into the mold and the little rocket tubes fall into into the hopper. The machine makes about 50 tubes each 30 seconds.

Saturn Missiles, Whistling Bottle Rockets, and Whistling Gemini all use the same little plastic rocket tubes.

Step #2 - Prepare the tubes for loading of whistling rocket composition

These fireworks products basically all contain the same type of rocket composition, unlike a regular bottle rocket, or sky rocket that uses Black Powder as the propellant, these items use whislte composition. Whistle composition burns more fiercely then regular black powder, this allows a more simple construction because whistle rockets do not need a nozzle to accelerate the exhaust gases. Whistle mix already burns fast enough that it can make a rocket with a regular hollow tube. The little tubes are bundled together. These bundles are then stored until ready to be moved to the loading station. Our factory also sells these tubes to other smaller factories that do not have their own plastic injection machine.

Goto Part 2 of this article. Saturn Missile Factory - Part 2


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Darts Fireworks - This item is just too Freakin Cool!

We will feature staff comments here frequently, here is what one of the staff had to say about Darts:

We were packing some orders the other day and could not resist taking a few of these great little items out to the parking lot to light off for fun. This has got to be about one of the best little items for the money.

These things come out to be less then 12 cents per piece and are worth every penny!

Place them on the ground and light the fuse. They spin on the ground for a moment and then they dart into the sky with a loud whizzing sound. They take off blindingly fast, and kind of head in the direction they feel like. So freakin cool!
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Firework Top 10 Safety Tips for Adults & Kids

Fireworks, like so many things, can be dangerous if miss-used. Treat fireworks as you would any other dangerous item, like automobiles, chainsaws, motorcycles, etc. Before using fireworks familiarize yourself with their proper use and pay attention to these safety tips. Following these tips will result in an enjoyable night for all.

1.) Children should watch and enjoy fireworks at a safe distance.

2.) If using sparklers, adults should light sparklers and immediately dispose of used sparklers in cold water. Touching the hot wire is the most common injury to young children.

3.) Take a little time to plan your firework display in the daylight to make it safe and enjoyable. Keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water near.

4.) Keep fireworks in a closed box to avoid any stray sparks from igniting other fireworks.

5.) Read and follow the instructions on each firework. Never use fireworks while drinking alcohol.

6.) Light the firework at arm's length with a punk and stand well back once lit.

7.) Keep all flames, including cigarettes, away from fireworks.

8.) Never go back to a firework once it has been lit. Fuses can smolder, and Murphy says they will start to work again as soon as you peak over the tube to see what is going on!

9.) Don't put fireworks in pockets. Sparks can ignite the fireworks and very nasty burns will result.

10.) Always make sure fireworks are placed on a hard surface. Bricks or a bucket of sand is ideal. Fireworks placed on grass or uneven surface can fall over and shoot flaming debris where they don't belong.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best 200G Cake for the Money

Today I want to introduce you to a fantastic little cake made by Dominator Fireworks called Mega Mini. Dominator is a rapidly growing fireworks brand that really puts a focus on quality. The cake is less then 1/4 of the size of a regular 500g cake, however this little cake can compare in performance to some of its big brothers.

The price of the item is $13.14. Not the cheapest item on the website, but with 96 shots its a real bargain.

What makes this a great cake for me is that it really fills up the sky and has some fast action finale shots at the end. Also, it lasts a little longer then most cakes of its size.

The cake features what we call a slow zipper effect, meaning color pearls zip across the sky one after the other. In addition to the color, there is a little crackle mine included in each tube to help fill out the effect. Then the last several rows of the cake fire all shots at the same time to really fill the sky and produce a crackling finale effect.

Check out this fireworks video of Dominator's Mega Mini to see the cake in action for yourself.

If you are designing a small backyard or community show, this is a great cake to use in what we call a FIREWORKS FRONT. A Front is when you put two or more cakes in a row facing your audience. The effect of a Front is to create a wall of fire. Place your cakes anywhere from 20-50 feet apart and the effect will be a beautiful crisscrossing pattern.

This cake can also be called a comet cake or a mine cake, because its effect start at the ground and fill the sky up to mid-level. So to really make your front effective, try firing a vertical cake like The Detonator or Rip The Sky behind the Mega Minis. This will fill the sky from the ground all the way to the highest levels, giving your show a true professional appearance. In fact, if you stick with quality products, and design based on some of the principles that we will be discussing in future articles, I can almost guaranty that you will start to get complements like "That Was Even Better then the Town July 4th Show!!"

Please feel free to leave a reply. We are Looking forward to writing our next post and hearing all your comments on this one!

Team USFireworks
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Friday, May 8, 2009

US Fireworks News, Updates, and Cool Info

Hi friends and fireworks lovers!

We have set-up this section of the website to share cool information about the great products that we sell here at

Please check back often to see all the new updates and get useful information.

Also, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions, or just say hello!

Thanks agian,
The team!
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