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China Factory Photos Showing how Saturn Missiles and Whistling Bottle Rockets are Manfactured

Saturn Missiles, Whistling Bottle Rockets, Whistling Gemini and Jupiter are all old favorites. These items are very popular and are very reasonably priced. We are selling a pack of four 25 shot Saturn Missiles for $3.51! That is less then $1 for 25 shots. So, how can we offer such great prices?

We travel to China every year and we buy direct from the manufacturers like Black Cat, Brothers, and Dominator Fireworks. This gives us the buying power to give you the best prices. Also, the fireworks factories specialize in just one type of product. For example, Saturn Missiles, Whistling Bottle Rockets, Whistling Gemini and Jupiter's are all made in one type of factory. For the most part, these factories only make these products and do not make other products like 500g Cakes, or firecrackers, or sparklers. Why not? Well, again, in order to provide you with the absolute lowest cost, the factory needs to be most efficient. By focusing production on items that are all similar, the factory can sell large volume at very reasonable prices and still make money.

This article, is reprinted with permission from Dominator fireworks. They walk you through the steps of manufacturing these fun items. All these photos were taken in a factory in China and show the actual production of products.

Step #1 - Produce the plastic whistle tube

Our factory actually has its own machine for producing the little plastic tubes used in making these missiles and rockets. Here you can see some photos of the machine in action.

The hopper contains small bits of ground up plastic, the factory always tries to use recycled plastic.

The plastic is melted and a mold of about 50 rocket tubes is made at one time. The melted plastic is injected into the mold and the little rocket tubes fall into into the hopper. The machine makes about 50 tubes each 30 seconds.

Saturn Missiles, Whistling Bottle Rockets, and Whistling Gemini all use the same little plastic rocket tubes.

Step #2 - Prepare the tubes for loading of whistling rocket composition

These fireworks products basically all contain the same type of rocket composition, unlike a regular bottle rocket, or sky rocket that uses Black Powder as the propellant, these items use whislte composition. Whistle composition burns more fiercely then regular black powder, this allows a more simple construction because whistle rockets do not need a nozzle to accelerate the exhaust gases. Whistle mix already burns fast enough that it can make a rocket with a regular hollow tube. The little tubes are bundled together. These bundles are then stored until ready to be moved to the loading station. Our factory also sells these tubes to other smaller factories that do not have their own plastic injection machine.

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