Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dominator Fireworks Announces $500 Contest Winner!!

   US Fireworks agreed to host the videos for the Dominator Spring Showdown contest, as well as supply the winner with $500 of prize product and Dominator has announced the winning show!  "FireJunkie" from South Carolina scripted the winning show and will be receiving his fireworks as soon as he makes a wish list from US Fireworks wide selection of Dominator product.  The judges agreed, with 17 shows entered it was tough to narrow it down to one that was the best, but felt that they made the right choice picking this show.


   Click here for a video of the award winning fireworks show simulation!!.

   Dominator continues to work closely with Finale scripting software and is continually simulating more of their product line to include in the software, making it easier than ever for everyone from backyard once a year shooters to the top professionals to script and shoot award winning fireworks displays.  The latest version of Finale even includes voice prompts for pinboard and wireless system users making amatuer pyromusicals possible for almost anyone to shoot!

   Here is a list of the all consumer legal product that was used to make the show in the video, and all of it is available right here at usfireworks.biz.  Not listed is 3 amazing new fireworks for 2010 that US Fireworks will soon have in stock, they are:  Giant Willow with Color Tips, Monster Strobe and Waterfall...check back for them soon!

Ruby Sky  http://usfireworks.biz/items/dm2003-rubysky.htm
Emerald Meteor   http://usfireworks.biz/items/t0004-emeraldmeteor.htm
Top Shelf reloadable shells   http://usfireworks.biz/items/dm350-topshelf-12shot.htm
Disco Flash Strobes   http://usfireworks.biz/items/4903a.htm
Breaking News   http://usfireworks.biz/items/dm5007-breakingnews.htm
Ring Thing   http://usfireworks.biz/items/dm5011-ringthing.htm
Sky Diamonds   http://usfireworks.biz/items/dm2006-skydiamond.htm

   Congratulations to the winner!   Watch for information on Dominator's new simulation contest which will be announced soon.

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