Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best 200G Cake for the Money

Today I want to introduce you to a fantastic little cake made by Dominator Fireworks called Mega Mini. Dominator is a rapidly growing fireworks brand that really puts a focus on quality. The cake is less then 1/4 of the size of a regular 500g cake, however this little cake can compare in performance to some of its big brothers.

The price of the item is $13.14. Not the cheapest item on the website, but with 96 shots its a real bargain.

What makes this a great cake for me is that it really fills up the sky and has some fast action finale shots at the end. Also, it lasts a little longer then most cakes of its size.

The cake features what we call a slow zipper effect, meaning color pearls zip across the sky one after the other. In addition to the color, there is a little crackle mine included in each tube to help fill out the effect. Then the last several rows of the cake fire all shots at the same time to really fill the sky and produce a crackling finale effect.

Check out this fireworks video of Dominator's Mega Mini to see the cake in action for yourself.

If you are designing a small backyard or community show, this is a great cake to use in what we call a FIREWORKS FRONT. A Front is when you put two or more cakes in a row facing your audience. The effect of a Front is to create a wall of fire. Place your cakes anywhere from 20-50 feet apart and the effect will be a beautiful crisscrossing pattern.

This cake can also be called a comet cake or a mine cake, because its effect start at the ground and fill the sky up to mid-level. So to really make your front effective, try firing a vertical cake like The Detonator or Rip The Sky behind the Mega Minis. This will fill the sky from the ground all the way to the highest levels, giving your show a true professional appearance. In fact, if you stick with quality products, and design based on some of the principles that we will be discussing in future articles, I can almost guaranty that you will start to get complements like "That Was Even Better then the Town July 4th Show!!"

Please feel free to leave a reply. We are Looking forward to writing our next post and hearing all your comments on this one!

Team USFireworks
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