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Valentines Day February 14th

Posted by skyart
Jan 27 2011

Valentines day is right around the corner, and fireworks are becoming an ever more popular way of expressng the "spark" in your relationship. Did you know...a gentleman hired a display company at the Pyrotechnics Guild International convention last year in Appleton WI to fire a 10 minute display that ended in burning lance work asking the love of his life to marry him in front of 5,000 people!


That's right fellas...chances are you don't remember what you got her for Valentines day last year, but I guarantee she does! Fireworks are becoming more and more popular at weddings, and we know tying the knot is the ultimate show of affection! Need ideas to make this year memorable? Well stop trying to get her to "see fireworks" through your Hugs and Kisses and show them to her.....literally! HERE is a great little fountain that she can unwrap along with her chocolates, roses and card. The Hot Lips fountain is not only appropriately shaped for Valentines day, with it's long duraton it gives you plenty of time to step back and embrace the love of your life, trust me....no words will be needed as you wrap your arms around her and share a quiet moment watching it's beautiful display!

Another idea we have heard from our customers is using sparklers, or morning glories secured to a board and used to spell out a short message, or even just a large heart. Have a better idea to get her attention? Have you ordered yet? Men are procrastinators by nature so I'll help you. Click Here to buy now.

So come on, don't be a lamo romeo do something special for her this year and we guarantee you both see sparks, do NOT write us to tell us how it went!