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The Sky is Falling!

Posted by skyart
Jan 06 2011

Well, things are falling from it anyway. Recent reports from Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and now even Sweden of freak incidents of birds tumbling from the sky and one of the biggest culprits their blaming it on is.....FIREWORKS!

Wait.....what? Ah yes I remember the days, jumping into the car with Mom and Dad and heading down to the towns fireworks display on the 4th of July and just waiting to see who forgot their helmets and got a beak in the skull first from the blizzard of falling birds!

Sound rediculous? Ok I agree, we all know if humans really wanted to wage war on these pteradactyls we would use fireworks more apt for the job. I remember as a youngster waking up early in the morning and creating a SMOKE SCREEN to disorient the feathered foes. In the younger years I was limited to what Mom and Dad would let me play with and quickly learned I couldn't throw a SNAP POP very far. Soon I discovered that the WHIRLWINDS  had incredible range but I could never get my timing right...GRRRRRR!

As I grew I began getting serious, and tossing HAND GRENADES  as a distraction, then launching ROCKETS  skyward, not once did I so much as ruffle a feather! Hmmm...just doesnt make sense that I dedicated a portion of my life to knockin off a feather and suddenly someone figured out how to drop 5,000 birds in one night with pyro?

Ok, hopefully the story I just told was as rediculous and obviously made up as I feel their blaming the phenomonons on fireworks is. I swear, no birds were harmed in creating this blog, and since it's electronic no trees suffered either!

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