US Fireworks supplier for winning Dominator NFA 1.4 competition show

Posted by skyart
Nov 03 2010

US Fireworks recently helped supply Dominator with some of the fireworks they needed for the winning 1.4 pyromusical they shot at the NFA convention in Springfield MO. They contacted us with a list of what they needed and the fireworks were shipped and arrived in MO in less than a week!

Here is a video of the winning display on Dominator's website NFA Display 

As you can see everything from fountains to 2" shells were used in this musical, pretty much everything but rockets and firecrackers! The majority of the fireworks used in this display are available right here at US Fireworks ready for delivery to your door in most states!

We're very excited to be awaiting some of the new product we have ordered, including the new Monster Line of big breaking professional effects in consumer legal versions from Dominator...more on those as soon as they arrive!